Friday, July 30, 2010

Chest Training & A Sweet Surprise

So today we had to hustle; John and I had to be out of the gym by 6:20, the Hawk arrived at 5:15, and we were with our newest workout partner Melvin Myron. The day's agenda focused on chest training, but we all but turned the previous week's routine on it head. Last week, we stressed heavier lifts and challenged ourselves with a very demanding routine. This week, there was more emphasis on toning the pecs, incorporating the triceps & deltoids in more distinct capacities, and in following through w/ movements that would help us shape the muscle, as opposed to obliterating it.

Thanks Amy!

Upon entering the gym, I was told there was something for me at the front desk -- I had no clue what. I was handed a white envelope -- sketch. I was immediately starting to worry... I didn't recognize the handwriting. I carefully ripped open the envelope and found several packet of Stevia and a super thoughtful, handwritten note. I was seriously touched and wanted to send a private, genuine thank you; however, Ms. Watson is all but impossible to find on facebook, myspace, or the net itself. Bummer, lol!!!

So I guess I'll just have to wait to run into her, but I am very grateful and I can't stress how good the little things in life make you feel. :) If anyone sees her, by chance, let her know it really made my day. :)

Questions Sent

Just an Fyi for everyone patiently awaiting the Shiloe Steinmetz Q&A -- I sent out the questions earlier today. Hopefully the Q&A will be up sometime this week.