Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mr. Michigan Sounds Off

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hodge Twins Attack Jeff Willett

The HodgeTwins, an outspoken vlogging duo, whose youtube channel has grown to a network of 120,000 subscribers and over 30 million combined views, took aim at IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeff Willett. Willett, who won the Overall title at the 2003 Team Universe, has been a positive force in the world of Natural Bodybuilding for several decades. His website,, offers visitors a plethora of resources and products. He is also the proud owner of Jeff Willett's Powerhouse Gym in Adrian, MI.

But over the years, Jeff, like other top level natural champions (e.g., Skip LaCour) have seen themselves forced to defend their good name against largely anonymous attacks on the [message] boards, on their youtube vidoes, and even in their own private [email] inboxes. It's become such an issue, in such a viral world, where if the celebrity (or his/her camp) doesn't reply fast enough - the silence could easily become perceived as admission-by-omission by the public at large. And what's equally troubling, is that Jeff Willett and/or Skip LaCour are not just peoples' names, they have become brands - for t-shirts, videos, personal training, supplement lines, books, etc. When these names are attacked, there can be very real ramafications. There can be traceable losses, tangible ones, and what's even worse, is this.

What if the attacks are baseless? What if the series of baseless implications and innuendos taint hundreds, if not thousands of young, impressionable minds? When did you first get into bodybuilding? What if you're one of the 120,000 that religiously watch the HodgeTwins? Have they given Jeff an opportunity to defend himself? Will they? Or is just "free speech" in their eyes?

There comes a point in time when it's no longer just an opinion.The website, the gym, the name - these are all property interests of Jeff Willett, of Skip LaCour, of whoever is next in the line of fire. If they lose money because of this; if the value in their reputation takes a hit - shouldn't they act? Wouldn't you?

It's an absolute TRAVESTY that the video attacking Jeff Willett has been out since December. These assholes made this video days before Christmas - talk about holiday cheer and a warm disposition come the holidays. This shameless video is nothing more than an attempt at jacking up more views, at the expense of a man that DID NOTHING TO THEM.

Shame on these losers. A lot of people may be scared to stand up to them (this isn't melodramatic crap folks) - a lot of people and companies are terrified of these two (and their fanbase of bozos) - but I'm not. Shame on these haters! It'll be a cold day in hell before I silence myself ON MY OWN PAGES!

This is NOT just entertainment, and this is NOT just an opinon by guys on a youtube channel.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mark of a Champion

Shiloe Steinmetz has earned a place in bodybuilding history that's noteworthy for a variety of points. For starters, he competed drug-free in the toughest "amateur" bodybuilding federation in the world. It's interesting because the NPC (as an amateur organization) is far more competitive, popular, and respected than many "professional" organizations throughout the world - then, now, and dare I say - in the foreseeable future. Shiloe has competed in over 60 shows, with over 25 titles! He's won some, he's lost some, but there's one place he hangs his hat; it's his homeland of sorts, his castle.

OHIO! Shiloe Steinmetz IS Mr. Ohio! It's nice to be Mr. Universe (where's that at? Do they have good pizza there?). I would imagine it's nice to be Mr. Olympia (sounds like a title given in Pan Hellenic Greece), but Shiloe is the "Mr." for the state he lives in - and everyone knows it. That's pretty darn cool, if you ask me. And what's really the mark of a champion, is that while I've never formally met Shiloe, he's always helped out my site, always been a friend to me, and always helped those I've tried to help - whether in hindsight - they deserved it or not.

But let's not just talk about natural bodybuilding or natural competition at a local level; Shiloe has competed in Team Universe and won his class before! The same Superbowl of Natural Bodybuilding that made guys like Skip LaCour, Jeff Willett, and Kai Greene so popular. He was there - and he did battle! But he was also at national level (UNTESTED) Pro Qualifiers - and guess what? He did battle there too.

Everyone deserves props for what they do, but you take guys like Shiloe, Skip, or Jeff - who competed drug free in events where juiced guys still were able to get on stage (and easily at that), and they were winning - you HAVE to recognize that COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE and that IRON WILL TO SUCCEED. It's more than nutrition, weights, and posing oil, folks. These champions had to develop a mindset, nurture it, fortify it, so that when they were in the pump up room they were unaffected by anything or anyone, it was time to battle and nothing short thereof.

You have to admire that, heck, you almost have to wish you could have that DRIVE for yourself.
It's a great pleasure to hopefully generate some much deserved publicity for a such a great role model to us all!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Physique Champion Mark Olson Speaks!

Mark with his Overall Medal.

Christian Duque: Mark, tell us about yourself. Full name, age, ht, wt. and contest wt. And also, where's your hometown.

Mark Olson: My name is Mark Olson I am 24 years old. My height is 6'1. My contest weight is about 195 and my off season weight is around 220. I currently live in Wichita Kansas, but call St. Louis my true home.

Christian Duque: Please share with us when and why you first started training - and what inspires you today.

Mark Olson: I started training after a college football injury cut my career short, I needed something to fill the void that I could challenge myself with on a daily basis. Alot of my inspiration actually comes from my clients. Witnessing all that many of them have overcome and their passion to progress, as well as their support, keeps me going.

Mark flanked by family.

Christian Duque: Speaking directly to the Midwest Open, what were your impressions with the depth of the lineup and how did you find the show to be run? Good attendance? Organized production? Good advertising?

Mark Olson: I loved competing at the Midwest open. Being from St. Louis I had attended the show as a spectator before- and I always wanted to return as a competitor. Jack and Ann Titone did a great job. As far as the lineup goes, I competed in the Tall class, and not to take anything away from any of the competitors but I was extremely impressed by the short class. Just sharing the same stage as guys like Kyle Krshka and Sean Harley, and posing down in the finals with Peter Ray, was all an overwhelming honor.

Christian Duque: Talk to us about your contest prep. Did anyone help you with your diet, training, posing? Please give kudos to all those that deserve them.

Mark Olson: So many people have helped me along the way I doubt I can give credit to all of them with out leaving some out. First and foremost though I have to thank MY trainer Alex Azarian. A true professional that I am looking forward to working with more and more. I also have a great crew that supports me on the home front as well, my girlfriend Lacey Kerbs, David Hogan from, and the guys that keep my head on straight everyday- Scott Hogan, Barry Johnson, Seville Ko, and Jeremiah Rogers. And I can't thank my own clients and family enough either for all their continued support! While it's a competiton for individuals, this is very much a team sport. My success is credited to everyone listed above, and probably a few more.

Christian Duque: Where do you train at, and how supportive is the gym staff and fellow members when it comes to your competitive goals? Will you showing your trophy at their front counter?

Mark Olson: I train (as well as make a living) at Genesis Health Clubs in Wichita Kansas. The atmosphere in my club is phenomenol! The gym floor is shared by lots of competitors, and even ex-competitors. Theres a great enviroment for motivation an progress here.

Christian Duque: What do you hope to accomplish through Physique competition and what are some of your goals for the future?

Mark Olson: I started competing so that I could be an example of what can be accomplished. I hope to inspire my clients and anyone else that watches me train and witnesses my lifestyle that theres alot of living that can be had even when your making sacrafices. I promote health and longevity on a daily basis so its only right that I practice what I preach!

Christian Duque: Where can folks go to keep in touch with you? Thanks for taking the time to speak to us.

Mark Olson: Thanks for having me! While theres a website in the works for now anyone can feel free to contact me on facebook, or email me at

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Silver for the Winner!

Wolf's Curse

I like the fact that the judges have a sense of humor, but how is it that they can rob Dennis Wolf two years in a row. Branch Warren is a freak - there's no question - but where's the symmetry? He's not as bad as Mr. Refridgerator (Jay Cutler), but there's not much proportion to Warren. He's basically one giant block of muscle resting upon two great wheels. Dennis Wolf on the other hand, seems to be cursed by the judges. He's got their respect - and he's definitely got their attention - but there's just something about his look that's just not what they're looking for.

Keeping Up Appearances

Historically, the Olympia has been the place where the mass monsters rule supreme - and it was was always the Arnold, that gave the best looking (symmetrical and aesthetically-pleasing) bodybuilders the chance to get some much needed recognition. This theory resonated every time Branch would get the Most Muscular Award but lose the title to Dexter Jackson, Victor Martinez and most recently Kai Greene. But when you take runner-up at the Olympia (like Branch did in 2009 [a placing that was really Dexter Jackson's]), you can no longer go back to Columbus and get dogged. If Warren would have taken 2nd at the O, only to get robbed for 1st at the ASC in 2010 - that would only have reinforced his fluke runner-up placing at the 2009 Olympia. And it was a fluke - the guy was wedged between the defending Mr. O and the fmr. Mr. O - it was 1980 all over again.

Jay's Future

This win in Columbus will also force the political card for the Olympia. Jay was toppled in 2011 - earning (or perhaps being given) 2nd place to Phil Heath. Ronnie should have known going into 2006 he couldn't win with his injuries (but my guess is, he was banking on pulling a Dorian Yates 1997 Miracle sandow). Ronnie was given 2nd place to Cutler in 2006 - though arguably could have been placed lower. Ronnie didn't read between the lines (like a Lee Haney would have) and tried to come back in 2007 - taking 4th before retiring. Jay may also have difficulty taking notice -- room at the Top Inn may not have vacancy for him in Vegas. Jay cannot defeat Heath - it's not a question of conditioning - it's a question of genetics. Cutler & Warren are in the same boat, with their mass monster freak look - but Warren will be arriving in Vegas as the reigning (and 2x) Arnold champion. If the ASC really is 2nd only to the O and its champion plays second fiddle to the Olympia runner-up, that might lower the prestige and the weight of winning in Columbus. The ASC runner-up (Dennis Wolf) and 3rd Place phenom (Evan Centopani) will also be battling for the Top 5 at the O. Also, don't forget last years Olympia 3rd place winner Victor Martinez (who in all honesty defeated Cutler for the 2007 Olympia, and who is also genetically-superior to Cutler). I think this will be Jay's last Olympia. The Top Inn may not honor Cutler reservations anymore.


Wolf won this show, but politically speaking, Warren poses no threat to Heath - and he's a popular champion that will ensure ticket sales. The fans would love a Heath/Warren battle w/ a Cutler wildcard, but the only guy to win between those three - the Gift! Heath could hold Warren down for years to come, while Centopani & Wolf, Greene and Martinez, could battle for places 3rd and down in the Top 6. Warren's victory in Columbus let's him be wedged between Heath & Cutler in Vegas  - like he was used to wedge between Cutler & Jackson - only this time, Warren will claim his legitimate place between two Mr. Olympias - as the ASC Champion - the 2x ASC Champion. Can you anyone say, legitimacy? Warren's 2nd in 2009 was a joke, but today, it's only logical.

Wolf could beat Cutler, he could definitely beat Warren (in his sleep), and he could potentially beat Heath. But a German champion may not be what the powers that be want. They didn't want Wolf, they didn't want Gunter. The only German-speaking Mr. O was Arnold - damn skippy! LoL.

Talk about Wolf's hamstrings, Heath's narrow clavicles, Dexter's calves, rationalize it however you want using whatever canned argument you can piece together. Wolf won - and that's based on photos and some video I've seen. I'm sure in person, it was all the more blatant. Key thing is... the only guy more popular in bodybuilding than Branch Warren, is Jesus Christ. The guy is a fan favorite, a people's champion. He's the perfect fix to an IFBB without Ronnie or Jay. Congrats nonetheless, he's the champ!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Post Workout Meal (P.M.)

This article is intended for the recreational weightlifter looking to lose weight, get stronger, and taking supplements, that include protein, prohormones, and natural fat burners. This article is also intended for lifters that train at night - and who keep somewhat nocturnal working hours. Traditionally, carbs and fats should be taken in at reduced levels night falls; however, if you're done training and won't go off to bed for at least 4-6hrs, it seems somewhat ridiculous to me, that you'd deprive the body of two out of the three main macronutrients.

You need carbs & fats to recover.
- Christian Duque

Monday, January 30, 2012

E-Control by IronMagLabs

Does anyone know why ErgoPharm's 6-OXO and/or Gaspari's Novedex XT suddenly were pulled of the market? Was there an effective ban, or were the supplement companies merely looking play it safe. Have you noticed that all those products, even some still in existence (e.g. Inhibit E) are no longer avaialble at mainstram cites like Why is that? Why has the industry that fuels competitive physique sports and makes its money off of the blood, sweat, and tears of local gym rats decided to play by such wimpy standards? Why not take a stand and make great products that actually work. Just now I saw an add on facebook from this company:, selling DHEA at 300mg for $25 a bottle. Are you serious right now?

Here in Lansing, MI, we have over 50 "Medical" Marijuana Stores, which cater to countless "sick" folks -- MY ASS! Why can the potheads toke till to their heart's content, but those of us that want to get stronger (and yes, cut) - can't? You can probably wait three lifetimes, because the government quite frankly doesn't care. They don't care that their withchhunt is without merit, they don't care that there decision-making isn't backed by the majority of voters -- they just need a scapegoat.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel - some reward at the end of the rainbow, and this happy ending comes by way of prohormones, estrogen inhibitors, and natural compounds created to benefit your organs. I just recently began a trial of E-Control after about five weeks on a ph called Super DMZ Rx. I didn't lose weight - in fact - I gained because I ate lot more food, but my lifts went up considerably. I have a great deal of faith in this company ( and I invite you to check them out.

If you'd like to see my video reviews, log onto our channel:


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Super DMZ Rx

Who here has ever gotten excited to read misleading ads that promise to boost testosterone, decrease fat, and increase lean body mass? How many "natural" bodybuilders are natural because the government has made the choice for them? How many guys are keen to the fact that legal drugs like alcohol and nicotine can leave you in a body-bag with a complimentary toe-tag, but anabolic steroids, which at most, might result in baldness, acne, and slighly higher cholesterol are illegal and socially taboo? How many of you that go to the gym, secretly envy the gearheads you openly look down at?

Relax. I'm not judging you. I'm just saying, I'm onto you, and there is a middle ground, there is an alternative to taking illicit drugs and/or taking hyped up sugar pills. The answer comes in the form of ProHormones.

Once upon a time, these substances were readily available on the open market and.. they worked!