Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Tribute to John Romano

John Romano, one of the most articulate and recognizable writers in the bodybuilding world, continues to develop innovative marketing tools with which to promote the sport of bodybuilding. For over seventeen years, John worked with Muscular Development Magazine, reaching the position of Senior Editor. His column the Romano Factor, quickly became one of the most popular features of the [bodybuilding] print media. Towards the end of his career, Romano, along with new MD Online Editor Dave Palumbo and writer Gregg Valentino, would start the first incarnation of No Bull Radio, a media format that directly rivaled Pro Body Weekly with Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo.

As No Bull Radio (hereinafter "NBR") became more popular, Valentino abrubtly left the original lineup, but the duo between Romano & Palumbo (later with the addition of Jeff the Producer) took on a whole new, even more popular personification. Soon, the diehard gymrats were straying from the safe-Weider'esque PBW for the more cutting edge NBR.

With the introduction of Speices Nutrition and what were seemingly free plugs of the product by Palumbo, interest from MD's owner increased in. When Palumbo politely declined his boss's investment proposal, it seemed that Palumbo's place with the publication was coming to a close. John Romano, who could have easily replaced Palumbo and continued being the face of MD, chose principle over pay.

The two left and Romano would help found the new RxMuscle.com, under the title of "Boss 2," an ironic title since Romano was the heavy hitter that had lost nearly two decades at the helm of a major publication. Nonetheless, Romano stayed true to his convictions and fought tooth and nail for the new site's success. He would again take to the airwaves alongside Dave Palumbo, on a new called Heavy Muscle Radio.

Romano and Palumbo would eventually part ways - professionally speaking. John was quickly hired by Jack Owoc at VPX, where he serves as Marketing Director, and co-hosts the wildly popular new radio show Shotgun Big Show, also co-hosted by IFBB/PDI Champion Lee Priest. So far, the show has had guests including IFBB Champion bodybuilder Cathy LeFrancois (Priest's ex-wife), WBFF founder Paul Dillett, IFBB great Nasser el Sonbaty, and SNAP's Victor Conte. The program airs every Monday night and has been able to all but continue from where John & Dave left off with NBR.

John Romano remains a hero to countless bodybuilders and bodybuilding fans. He is one of the best radio broadcasters the sport has ever heard, and his love for his friends and fans is without question. I am a John Romano fan, ARE YOU?

*Photo used with permission of John Romano. *Thread made with permission of John Romano. (Facebook Fansite)