Friday, July 30, 2010

Chest Training & A Sweet Surprise

So today we had to hustle; John and I had to be out of the gym by 6:20, the Hawk arrived at 5:15, and we were with our newest workout partner Melvin Myron. The day's agenda focused on chest training, but we all but turned the previous week's routine on it head. Last week, we stressed heavier lifts and challenged ourselves with a very demanding routine. This week, there was more emphasis on toning the pecs, incorporating the triceps & deltoids in more distinct capacities, and in following through w/ movements that would help us shape the muscle, as opposed to obliterating it.

Thanks Amy!

Upon entering the gym, I was told there was something for me at the front desk -- I had no clue what. I was handed a white envelope -- sketch. I was immediately starting to worry... I didn't recognize the handwriting. I carefully ripped open the envelope and found several packet of Stevia and a super thoughtful, handwritten note. I was seriously touched and wanted to send a private, genuine thank you; however, Ms. Watson is all but impossible to find on facebook, myspace, or the net itself. Bummer, lol!!!

So I guess I'll just have to wait to run into her, but I am very grateful and I can't stress how good the little things in life make you feel. :) If anyone sees her, by chance, let her know it really made my day. :)

Questions Sent

Just an Fyi for everyone patiently awaiting the Shiloe Steinmetz Q&A -- I sent out the questions earlier today. Hopefully the Q&A will be up sometime this week.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Return of Josh Castillo

I trained quads today w/ 'the Hawk'. We did squats on the Smith/Icarian machine, followed by front squats in the cage, lunges, hack squats, and leg extensions. Although I had planned on doing cardio alongside my faithful workout partner -- my Sansa mp3 player decided to kick the bucket, so I drove over to Best Buy and switched it out -- (whenever you electronics -- from an mp3 player to laptop to a 60" plasma tv -- buy the warranty -- it's the wise move!). Best Buy replaced the bad unit and I quickly uploaded songs by Limp Bizkit, Ratt, Michael Sweet (formerly of Stryper, LA Guns, Gorefest, Rancid, and Motley Crue.

But as I entered the gym for what I thought would be a cardio session, I decided to touch-up shoulers. Then this little voice inside me -- from a little bantamweight-lookin trainer from an NPC show I attended in Flint in 2009 rang in my head -- something about me needing 'to bring up my delts...' -- so I just pounded out another intense workout :)

And in the midst of this delt assault, I ran into a StrenghtAddict long gone M-I-A, Josh Castillo. In terms of physiques, Josh has razor sharp abs and killer genetics for his size -- in terms of my photo-wishlist, I'd love nothing more than to have him and Kelvin Perry do a photo + video session w/ me when they're both peeled -- it would surely motivate all of us toiling away for what seems to be an ever elusive six-pack. Another couple of guys with very good abs: Karson Lattimore and Jordan Shouldice, come to mind for such a session.

I've included a few shots I took of Josh -- these can also be found on the facebook group! I'm ecstatic that we've added six new, quality people to our group and the numbers just keep building. I'm really happy that every single person in there has been observed for weeks, sometimes months before being approached. It's great to have 56 people that you know are hardcore and in it for the long haul -- no spammers, no gimmicks, and the best part is not only can you reach out to the other 55 and make friend -- but it's encouraged.

Your days of walking into Gym Bumz and not knowing anyone -- and maybe as a result of that, wanting to turn around, walk quickly back to your car, and drive away defeated ARE OVER. Say hi to your fellow members and don't be shy to say hello to the opposite sex either -- research has proven -- they don't have cooties.

Clean up your diet. Train Hard. No Pain for you. Eyes on the Prize =o).

Breaking News!

2x Natural Mr. Universe and Mr. America, Jim Cordova has agreed to do a Q&A Interview with Jim, a MuscleTech athlete, is considered by many to be the most accomplished bodybuilder of the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation!; he's also appeared on the cover of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness magazine -- and is regularly covered in articles and photo shoots!

Email me any questions you may have
& I will include them in the interview!

Cool Tunes @ GYM BUMZ Fitness Center

Just a shoutout to management for playing awesome music as of late. Everyone loves 'hair metal' -- rock you can lift to, power ballads for the romantics, guitar solos, pounding basslines... nothin against disco, Richard Simmons' inspired aerobics music, or REO Speedwagon but with the crackdowns on pro-hormones and many of our own battles with obesity -- it's great to be able to hit the weights at a gym where the music doesn't kill what little testosterone we've mustered up to lift hard!

More hard rock during the afternoons & evenings, so if anyone forgets their mp3 player, they can still lift and not feel like a tool busting the move to a whack soundtrack :-).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Law Library Basement -- G.R.

I can't wait to train today -- even though I'll be hitting shoulders and biceps by myself. I'm stuck in the basement of the Cooley's Grand Rapids campus' library, trudging along Immigration Law & Wills, Trusts, & Estates -- John, Jake, and James [the 3-J's as it were] will be training at 3:30.

But this isn't the worse news because shoulders happens to be one of two of my trouble areas. Deltoids and back are the muscle groups I've been on a quest to improve for over a year now! And when you're focusing on certain muscle groups, which require specialized training and which also require certain tweaks and modifications to exercises contoured to your physique, it can be trying to unload those techniques on a lifter that doesn't require them for growth.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Backday

Yesterday was my first cheat day in a diet that's spenned over six week -- there was much to celebrate, considering I've lost over 50lbs, and given the fact I hadn't planned on cheating. The madness started w/ a date that started out w/ tickets to one of the best movies I've seen all year Inception (starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ellen Page and a box Milk Duds and three handfuls of Skittles. By the end of the date I had some a McDonald's coffee shake, large fries...on the way home from Pontiac, I had Taco Bell (a Mango freeze, 2 cheese roll-ups, and 2 bean burritos)... a few exits later I stopped at Burger King and had 2 sundaes w/ mocha drizzle and a slice of cookie dough pie).

This morning... I had a Optimum Nutrition Cookies and Cream protein shake over ice and I'm now at Tim Horton's sipping a 36oz Diet Coke and a Zero Carb Rockstar. I'm happy to be back on the diet (eating out at this level is actually more of an inconvenience than a guilty pleasure) and after four hours of Immigration Law -- I'll be ready to hit the gym for a Back and Cardio -- after a a relexing off-day yesterday.

Monday Workout: Shoulders/Biceps
(Christian, John, Jake, James) 5pm

From Tim Horton's to Hot House to Gym
I made a new friend at the coffee shop -- a little on the psycho-side, but gorgeous all at the same time. Have you ever dated a girl that you think could potentially murder you in your sleep? Well if not, I highly recommend it -- it's an exhilarating experience to say the least. Plus, it'd been almost two years since I visited the fine hot tub establishment on the Lansing/DeWitt border; however, this time I visted Rm.4 as opposed to the executive suite.

All I can say is when you have arms as big as mine and you wear tank tops -- life is good - life is very good. :)

But just when life seemed like it couldn't get any better -- I went to Gym Bumz to tan and get some hamstrings done; and there he was, doing cardio. The guy that had slandered me at Powerhouse and who had demanded I be kicked out of the gym -- or he was walking. He just looked down at me from the cardio section and this lying, piece of crap didn't even have the decency to come apologize to me for all the drama, all the FACT-less drama he had created.

I just looked at him and smiled, but later as he walked out of changing room and stood by the exit, he just nodded my way as if trying elicit a reaction out of me; I just mumbled to myself but moreso believed what a lying piece of crap this guy is. Funny how "the victim" acted like the aggressor. Pro card in six months -- keep dreaming.

Apparently, when I asked at the front desk (after he'd left) what his status was at the gym, I was told he had canceled but had 30 days left.

For a guy that can't share the gym w/ me, he not only did so, he was looking for me to go off on him -- but he's not worth the aggravation. This group is getting bigger, more organized, and we're attracting new people to the gym. We are going to be a large part of this new gym ownership's success and we're also going to be an integral part of bringing competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting back to Lansing,MI.

Even if this clown were to return to our gym, I don't really care either way -- the guy is a complete joke and my only desire outside of my schooling and my physique, is making a complete success!

Hope the girl from earlier calls me back -- what a babe!
Also the girl from yesterday was quite the babe as well. I hope they both call -- especially at the same time! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

The 7/23 Crew

Today I had planned to train w/ John Mamaligas & The Hawk, but we were also joined by our new friend James Lawrence, who really carried his own weight despite a hiatus from the gym. The four of us trained chest, with fellow StrengthAddicts Julio Lorona and Jordan Shouldice also present in the gym - working on other routines.

By the third hour of Wills, Trusts, & Estates my brain was FrieD, so I started plotting the upcoming chest workout and let my little mp3 player continue to record the lecture. Here's what I came up with:

Bench Press: Bar/8reps; 135/8x; 185/8x; 225/8x; 275/6x Spotted; 315/3-4x (no one got this high)

Smith/Icarian Incl. Bench Press: 135/8x; 225/8x; 275/6x (Spotted) -- [John was the only one to get this high]

Dumbbell Bench Press: 70/8x; 85/8x; 100/8x; 115/8x; 70/8x.

Incline Press Machine: 2-45's/8x; 4-45's/8x; 6-45's/8x; 8-45's/2 Rep minimum.

Pec Dec: 20/8x; 40/8x; 3/4 stack/8x; Full Stack/8x; Full Stack + 45lb plate/8x.

Decline Pec Cable Flyes: 20lbs/8x; 40lbs/8x; 60lbs/8x; 20/8x.

Dumbbell Flyes: 20lbs/8x, 40lbs/8x, 20lbs/8x, 40lbs/8x.

We followed this insane chest workout w/ 2 sets of Reverse Leg Curls for Hamstrings

Great workout! In the coming weeks, I hope we'll be able to do the full workout.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Late Night Cardio -- Anabolic OCD?

Many thanks to my bro Matt at the Lansing Mall General Nutrion Center (GNC) for getting in touch w/ USPLabs and scoring some product for our upcoming V-Contest. In a few days you'll have the opportunity to get with me and record your own thiry second video in front of the gym. In this video, each member of the club will speak on the subject of 'why they train and what training does for you.' The winner will walk away with a free supplement (no cheapo prize either!) The 2nd and 3rd place winners will also score some prizes.

As the site grows, the prize packages will also get bigger and better. We're also toying with the idea of Deadlift Challenge (or equivalent) for September 2010. And I think it really goes without saying, but I'll say it anways -- it's awesome to have a facility like Gym Bumz that's truly supportive of our efforts here.

Some our guys are a bit on the indifferent side and don't really do squat for the club -- and as the numbers increase, some of this dead-weight may be cut loose. There's really a great deal of interest in our concept and I think we can only benefit by having more women and competitive athletes join our ranks. We need the same kind of nutritional diversity in other areas like gender, age, and insofar as fitness goals as well. StrengthAddicts should be a multi-cross-section of the gym population -- at least that's my goal.

Today was one of those days that I really value. I had class in Grand Rapids and left Lansing three hours early (to avoid rushing down the hgwy). I met up with my crush at the coffee shop before she had to go run some errands and just basically sat there doing homework. Class was rather interesting -- especially with finals looming in just three weeks. After class was a dream come true -- got to make out with my crush and although this portion of the entry seems largely like tmiand perhaps not so relevant -- fear not, it is! As we kissed, I was soo happy that we finally had reached this level, but on a very shallow level - I felt like the little stubs of growing out after my last shave were standing tall, it was like that electric kinda feeling you get when you're right and everyone's wrong and your basking in the warmth of triumph... only I was basking in the warmth b/c she was totally digging & groping my arms -- that's the kind of inspiration that makes a person want to bang out bi's, tri's, and forearms from here till next week (of next year!). Recognition is sweet. So train hard fellas -- it pays off.

I lift to improve my physique, but this is a real conflict of your interests -- you can either stuff your face and dream about getting the beautiful girl...or you kill yourself in the gym and maybe starve yourself a bit and deal w/ the pain and not only maybe get the girl you want -- but have her (or him for female & other friends, lol) come to you. Breaking News! Breaking News! When you're cut, in shape, and feeling confident in your looks --- YOU TOO BECOME "ATTRACTIVE" and will also be sought after.

And for those of you still believing beauty is on the inside -- take comfort in knowing you 110% correct -- but w/o the body, few will stop to converse about your values. If you're reading this, get in the gym and train! :)


Per the title of the entry -- it's actually 1:17am and I'm sitting at Tim Horton's and after doing this entry and reading some Immigration Law, I'm headed back to Gym Bumz to do some cardio. Why did I have to eat a pint of white rice? Oh well... it's my favorite dish at the Empire Szechuan in downtown Lansing -- and I enjoyed the heck out of it. So now I must burn it off.

Gym tomorrow at 5:30 w/ John M., Hawk for Chest. Anyone else is free to join us. We don't all to do the same thing, but knowing we're there and especially if it's not an off-day -- you'll show up. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

T/Bar Rowing w/ Quarters

I'm a huge advocate of having people incorporate both the 25lb and 10lb plates into their T-Bar routine b/c (as demonstrated 20+yrs ago by 8x Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney ) doing the exercise this way provides for greater range of motion and may even give the athlete more control given the lighter poundage.

Although back is second only to legs in terms of overall size and strength, this muscle group also requires fine tuning and shaping exercises that work feed off of repetition and precision, as opposed to bulk weight. For mass, I'd recommend heavy deadlifs, heavy lat-pull downs, and heavy bent-over rows (whether using the straight bar or the dumbbells). For shape, your toughest exercise will be pull-ups (using at least three different grips), next I'd recommend your lighter T-Bar Rows, and lastly I would consider doing light dumbbell pullovers -- which some people might also use to train for chest.

I, personally, do not like to mix my shurgs and/or even Reverse Pec Deck exercises w/ my back workouts. I know both the former and the latter could be easily incorporated for a full-back type workout, I choose to keep them for the shoulders routine (which for many guys isn't a very long workout -- largely b/c like legs -- it's not an enjoyable experience!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gym Etiquette (Lesson 2)

You wouldn't normally deadlift at 9am or 6pm -- the busiest times at the gym, largely because you'd want to be considerate of others. But you may not want to do your heavy lift at off times either, because in some gyms the attention of staff may be triggered for the most random reasons -- and -- when the entire facility is under the command of one person (usually during off hours), that person's judgment is binding. There's no use raising the argument that you lift this way or that way at other times or over the course of several months.

The sad reality is that even many of the traditionally hardcore gyms of old, have fallen prey to the health club influence taking the nation by storm. In some cities, gymrats are lucky to have quality fitness centers that while dungeon'esque, do offer a cross-section of fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to co-exist. If you train at a club that's bodybuilder-friendly, go out of your way to help promote and bring business to that establishment -- in all likelihood, this kind of gym will go under unless you take action!

What Are People Saying On YT

Can you say Gym Dictatorship -- these women would run a great gym -- in Taliban-controlled Kandahar! My goodness -- is there anything us guys can do in the gym? I mean these young ladies are definitely in shape, and the one on the left is just downright gorgeous, but that aside... there is such a thing as going to be a gym and being hardcore and wanting to push yourself to the limit. I'm one of those guys that does 3.2-3.4, only I'm going for 70 minutes and 80% of that time at an incline of 7.5 or higher, with my last ten minutes between 12.5-15.0. Let's you see you girls do that -- oh yeah -- and don't sweat, grunt, or hum to any songs off your mp3 player. Epic Fail. Next...

This is literally the direction some gyms are headed in -- maybe not to the extent of phoning the police, but working out at some facilities is almost like signing yourself up for a prison sentence. Now realize this, we're not talking about slamming weights and we're not talking about screaming -- the gymrat in question did exactly what got him kicked out on camera. Even something so minor can lead to major drama. Epic Fail Next up...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thoughts from a Coffee Shop

I'm sitting by the window at a really cozy Biggby Coffee shop in downtown Grand Rapids (Michigan Ave & Fulton) and I'm thinking about an interesting project for Initially, I was thinking about running a contest that would feature the best article submission and/or the best lift on video, but after speaking to a my friends at the local GNC and their super cool, visiting regional manager, I decided that if I can put together a couple of really impressive prize packages -- why not up the ante and do something bigger than a rinky-dink website contest amongst just twenty or thirty guys?

As many of you know, my dream is to have an unsanctioned, unofficial (can I stress the underground feel any more so?) Lansing-based Natural Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Championship. I stress unsanctioned because while I would strongly want to keep the chemically-enhanced physiques away from the natural ones on stage, I do think that some Natural Federations' banning supplements such as DHEA, ProHormones, and Ephedra is not only too extreme, but bordering on the absurd.

This interesting project I'm thinking about is not that unaffiliated Lansing Show; however, I am thinking about a possible Dead Lift Competition open to athletes from all over the city and surrounding townships and villages. I would need a very cool gym to give me the space and a hand with the promotion, but this type of event could be very successful in promotional terms and wouldn't involve much capital.

Local businesses like GNC, through third party vendors could donate pprotein powder, creatine, glutamine, energy drink and/or vitamin-based products which I could use to create prize-packages for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners from the men, and a top prize for the women.

I'm thinking a real blue-collar type deadlift context (ala Rx Muscle's Bros v. Pros ), where belts, straps, wraps, and chalk would be allowed. It would be open to all.

Shiloe Steinmetz Q&A Coming Soon!
Fresh off his 2nd place finish at the 2010 NPC Team Universe in the Heavyweight Class and an earlier runner-up placing at the Super Heavyweight class at the 2010 NPC Junior Nationals, Shiloe will speak to as far as what he does to get himself primed for action for national-level, pro-Qualifier contests!

Shiloe has been interviewed by and has one of the best websites in the sport! This is a national-level competitor determined to earning his IFBB Pro Card! Coming Soon!

Gym Bumz -- Lansing, MI

Most gyms nowadays will charge you anywhere from $10 - $20 for a single workout (the days of old when you could just lay a five-spot on the counter and walk in -- are over!). For the lifter wanting to join, nicer (meaning cooler) gyms will offer a 2 or 3 Day Guest Pass, but Gym Bumz -- Lansing (formerly Go Workout is offering local residents, 118yrs or older, a Fourteen Day Pass to check out the facilities (one per year). This is would be a great opportunity for our readers at the YMCA Westside, as well as other Lansing Gyms like Powerhouse, New Life Fitness, and those few of you hardened gymrats exiled in your garages b/c you can't find a gym where you can actually lift some heavy-ass weight w/o being harrassed by a pipsqueak in a corporate health club shirt.

This would be a great time for Josh Schaefer to swing by and see what he's missing! Mike Horton, Dennis Rodeman, and several guys from Lansing's New Life Fitness that I choose not to mention here (to avoid them drama w/ a certain eccentric part-owner...).

The guys that own Gym Bumz are real lifters and took the place over to ensure it went in a direction we could all be proud of. I know some of the guys in the club -- some no longer w/ us think it's not our place to promote the gym -- well I think that's plain bullshit. For once, gymrats have a place we can call home and sit on your ass and not spread the word -- that's just plain bs!

Kudos to Neighborhood Rite Aid Stores!

I just wanted to send a long overdue shout-out at the awesome pharmacists at the Rite Aid on Saginaw Rd. in Lansing, MI, as well as the pharmacists at the Grand River Ave. location in the Frandor/E.Lansing area. These stores are always staffed by super-friendly associates and the pharmacy teams should be commended for excellent customer service that goes above-and-beyond the call of duty. I'd expound -- but I won't; let's just say that they've been there for me on a number of occasions to answer questions and to educate me -- and I really appreciate it.

Ironically, Walgreens and CVS common stock sells for in excess of $30.00 a share, whearas Rite Aid shares are going for about $0.90 -- I think I'll be buying a few hundred once again.

Rite Aid also has a great selection of GNC products -- something that sets it miles apart from its competitors.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Hungry...

The hardest part of my diet has got to be, by far, the last meal of the night - and no I don't mean Taco Bell's 4th Meal -- I'm trying to lose weight here, not add a second chin. (lol)

Over the course of the last six weeks, I've shed about 45lbs. of weight, with about another thirty pounds to go by mid-August. My secret is 60-75 minutes of cardio (burning between 800-1,000 calories per session), light-to-moderate weight-training, and not stuffin my face w/ food late at night.

At this point in the diet, I feel like I'll eat just about anything. For example, I hate eggs, but on this diet I'll have eight egg whites as part of my last meal and for breakfast. And I'll eat those eggs like they were a handful of Milkduds.

At this point I'm kinda loopy so let me just assure you that that nasty diet food you keep hearing about will start to taste like gourmet delicacies when you're body is starving for calories! When I arrived at Grand Cafe in Old Towne/Lansing, I devoured a huge bowl of salsd that included fresh mushrooms, grated provolone and cheddar cheese, a little side of croutons, and non-fat Italian dressing. I wanted more... I was going to put puppy eyes and ask for another little bowl of croutons -- I could eat them slowly ... but no .. nope.. can't eat more -- hum a song, tap your foot, do w/e you gotta do -- can't eat till you get home. At this point, I'm ranting, I'm no longer observing the rules of grammar -- I'm hungry and can't eat -- this pain is Live from Old Towne -- as you read it, my stomach growls. (lol)

Upon arriving home, I'll spray my pan w/ Pam (no more Smart Blend now), I'll pour about 8 egg whites into the pan, then I'll mix up 30g of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Chocolate Malt protein powder in water -- that's my final meal. I will set aside a serving of ZMA, Cranberry Extract, 1,500mg of L-Arginine, and 3mg's of Melatonin. As sad as this sounds, I need to stop writing mouth is watering and I'm quite annoyed I can't (won't) eat for another half hour, lol.

Set Goals, Stay Focused

We started small (John and me) on an incline pectoral press device that could hardly be described as a 'machine' -- there's no pulleys, it's not for babies, but it's also not the full on incline bench press. We started with a single 45 on each side and then it grew to two pairs, three pairs, four pairs, and finally a total of eight 45's and a pair of quarters; and the weight just kept increasing.

Eventually we'd hit our goal of 10 45's, along with our more recent addition (Jake Hawkins). But the moral of the story isn't that we're three strong mofos (lol), it's that we set an attainable, realistic goal; we gradually increased the weight, we always started our chest routine on the same machine, and we focued our attention on not getting ourselves down when we failed or just didn't feel it on a given day.

Work hard, surround yourself with positive-minded people, and focus on making gradual adjustments. One of the most important keys to success in the gym, is coming to grips with the fact that overnight success and instant gratification will not be found during your quest to building the kind of body 99% of people are gunning for. Bodybuilding, as well as powerlifting, require a great deal of patience. Sadly, you can't buy patience at GNC or

Two supplements every lifter needs in his/her arsenal are: patience and humilitiy -- I would take about 1,000mg of each, 3x per day.

Stay Focused!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Updates & More!

"I'm currently training with the Florida Gulf Coast Weightlifting Team and hope to one day make the U.S. Olympic Team. My next competition is in August 2010.  I train five days a week, legs every day at  the YMCA in Port Charlotte on Quesada.
Megan McBride

A huge congrats to Megan from the StrengthAddicts Family, at only nineteen years of age, I think the sky's the limit fort his aspiring lifter!

Video Views & More!

Congratulations to:::

Karson Lattimore whose "Mighty Quads in Action" @ 2,954!
Mike "the Tank" Ivancevic's "Push Press" @ 2,459!

Big kudos to John M. for a great effort w/ Delts on Friday -- his video (which I've been promoting like a madman) is close to 500 views (his highest charting to date).

The New Gym

Many of the members of 'the Brand' are growing more and more concerned in regards to accessibility to Go Workout, given the establishment of Gym Bumz. In the absence of an announcement, I will ask Mitch and see if I can't put up an answer in the coming days. I think the folks at our gym are doing a great job (between painting and remodeling); however, I'm not crazy about the Friday's closing time going from 10pm to 9pm -- a very minor issue. Overall, I hope that many of our guys considering to jump ship will stay put for the time being. (In regards to my earlier issue -- I spoke to management [again], and I personally want to stay put as long as possible).

Gym Bumz is a gymrat-and-bodybuilding-friendly establishment -- we need to have its back now and not run for the hills simply b/c of a name-change. It didn't become the YMCA or Curves, so for once let the hardcore lifters help pay the bills. We always whine about how these fitness pipsqueaks get all the love at gyms, well now is not the time to abandon a ship that actually wants us on board.

Final Word

Check out the site a bit later-- some more changes in store. I'll be in the gym tomorrow (at around Noon/1pm to train Chest & Biceps -- no Hawk this week :( , but I'll be ok. Anyone that wants to talk -- gimme a ring! And thanks to all of you that reached out and were concerned I was leaving.

Don't ever listen to anyone that says 'this is just a blog' -- or -- 'this is just a facebook group' -- we're NOT! 'The Family' is only going to get bigger and baDDer in time! There's nothing mediocre about us. Only the strong survive, so train hard & shut up, lol.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Date #2 (from Hell)

Kate: Don't you think it's strange you spend so much time at the gym?
Christian: No. All my real friends are there; besides, I love bodybuilding and even a have bodybuilding website.
Kate: But you can't do that when you get old. What are you going to do, lift in the grave?
Christian: Of course I can do it when I'm old, but obviously not from the grave - especially since I plan on being cremated, lol.
The dinner that followed at Olive Garden was great. I ordered Diet Coke and a glass of red wine. I was told to 'live a little' -- I guess that entails ordering a beverage loaded with simple sugars. I had a breadstick, then a second -- but I really was uncomfortable eating them. I had them b/c I wanted to, but still.. I said I'll be doing cardio tonight.

At the end of the date -- she told me it wouldn't work out. She said she wasn't into 'the whole musclehead thing' and I literally felt like gymrats should become a constitutionally-protected class. The more cut I get, the more looks I get -- do people like what they see -- or am I going to be some kind of a circus freak? I will continue to get cut and train and possibly one day... even take the next step, but will this life lead me to utter solitude?

Will my claim to fame be the guy that's most often asked to help move furniture, flex his pecs, and/or show off his biceps? And I'm not even ripped, I'm not even anywhere near competition shape.

Maybe my real contempt for some of the gym couples isn't that they're snobby at all -- maybe I'm just utterly envious that these guys have found beautiful women that love to train alongside them. Why is that since I started working out five years ago -- that my 3hr, 6x a week gym habit has become somewhat of a concession, or something conceded to me in exchange for a bad habit or character flaw.

The bottom line is that guys that train hardcore are going to last longer in bed, aren't going to die from a heart-attack at 50, are going to be able to play ball w/ their kids, run with the dogs at the beach, walk around doing yardwork bareshirt and draw admiring eyes -- what the f*ck is so bad about being cut. Is the self-confidence a problem -- OR -- is the gym too much of a competition?

Is this like undergrad when my longtime gf was intimidated I rushed a Greek fraternity -- (Go Phi Gamma Delta -- Rush Fiji!!!) or is this like when another girlfriend came close to having me choose between her and my blossming career in student government? Why can't women (and men if you're a women reading this) not appreciate our hobbies and realize they have a place in our lives - but they don't control them.

Working out is a good thing. I'm sorry I'm not some fat motherf*cker who can't see his feet, who's impotent, and who huffs and puffs after walking a few yards from his car to the entrance of the Dairy Queen. I'm sorry I tan, I'm sorry I shave all over and have less hair on my arms, legs, and face than most girls -- yes even the run way models (if left unkempt start lookin like Arafat -- I'm sorry I'm not scared to talk to beautiful women, and I'm sorry I work out so much, I'm sorry I don't own or watch tv, and I'm sorry I don't know what friggin sitcom you're talkin about -- I'm literate -- I read books and run a website -- i don't spend my hours watching the box or playing video games.

I should go to the Humane Society and get a dog. Stop training? Get Real!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gym Bumz (West Lansing)

Well it's now official -- the former [Westside] Lansing Go Workout is now now Gym Bumz, and while everything seems to be the same, my gut instinct when I first heard of the name a few days ago was right on the money. Gym Rats will find a home at Gym Bumz, and that feeling is felt from the moment you walk up to the building.

*Everyone take a sigh of relief -- we can still train and the new owner is bodybuilder at heart. Whenever gyms change management and/or especially chance names/business models, the gymrats (be they apsiring bodybuilder or aspiring powerlifters) worry to no end, that yet another wheatgrass drinking health spa is replacing a hardcore gym.

Currently I'm taking an L-Carnitine/CLA/Flaxseed Oil stack for the next 5-6 wks, coupled with nightly servings of ZMA. I'll also be running this plan in conjunction with the ECA Stack, low fat/mod.carb/high protein diet, cardio 6xwk, and abs/obliques 4xwk. So far I've lost about 30lbs. in about five weeks, with forty more pounds to go in order to get near-ripped.

Yesterday at the gym, the Tank walked in and was like .... wowh, you've withered away to nothin. In terms of dieting, this is like calling a guy doing a most muscular a FREAK! In the gym context -- Big Mike's remark was music to my ears, lol.

Also, I'd love to hear what kind of cooking oils y'all use and/or if you opt instead to use the fat-free cooking oils. Please drop me a line at, Subject: Cooking Oils.

I'll be at the gym today (Friday) at 5:15pm doing chest w/ John M.