Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thoughts from a Coffee Shop

I'm sitting by the window at a really cozy Biggby Coffee shop in downtown Grand Rapids (Michigan Ave & Fulton) and I'm thinking about an interesting project for Initially, I was thinking about running a contest that would feature the best article submission and/or the best lift on video, but after speaking to a my friends at the local GNC and their super cool, visiting regional manager, I decided that if I can put together a couple of really impressive prize packages -- why not up the ante and do something bigger than a rinky-dink website contest amongst just twenty or thirty guys?

As many of you know, my dream is to have an unsanctioned, unofficial (can I stress the underground feel any more so?) Lansing-based Natural Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Championship. I stress unsanctioned because while I would strongly want to keep the chemically-enhanced physiques away from the natural ones on stage, I do think that some Natural Federations' banning supplements such as DHEA, ProHormones, and Ephedra is not only too extreme, but bordering on the absurd.

This interesting project I'm thinking about is not that unaffiliated Lansing Show; however, I am thinking about a possible Dead Lift Competition open to athletes from all over the city and surrounding townships and villages. I would need a very cool gym to give me the space and a hand with the promotion, but this type of event could be very successful in promotional terms and wouldn't involve much capital.

Local businesses like GNC, through third party vendors could donate pprotein powder, creatine, glutamine, energy drink and/or vitamin-based products which I could use to create prize-packages for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners from the men, and a top prize for the women.

I'm thinking a real blue-collar type deadlift context (ala Rx Muscle's Bros v. Pros ), where belts, straps, wraps, and chalk would be allowed. It would be open to all.

Shiloe Steinmetz Q&A Coming Soon!
Fresh off his 2nd place finish at the 2010 NPC Team Universe in the Heavyweight Class and an earlier runner-up placing at the Super Heavyweight class at the 2010 NPC Junior Nationals, Shiloe will speak to as far as what he does to get himself primed for action for national-level, pro-Qualifier contests!

Shiloe has been interviewed by and has one of the best websites in the sport! This is a national-level competitor determined to earning his IFBB Pro Card! Coming Soon!

Gym Bumz -- Lansing, MI

Most gyms nowadays will charge you anywhere from $10 - $20 for a single workout (the days of old when you could just lay a five-spot on the counter and walk in -- are over!). For the lifter wanting to join, nicer (meaning cooler) gyms will offer a 2 or 3 Day Guest Pass, but Gym Bumz -- Lansing (formerly Go Workout is offering local residents, 118yrs or older, a Fourteen Day Pass to check out the facilities (one per year). This is would be a great opportunity for our readers at the YMCA Westside, as well as other Lansing Gyms like Powerhouse, New Life Fitness, and those few of you hardened gymrats exiled in your garages b/c you can't find a gym where you can actually lift some heavy-ass weight w/o being harrassed by a pipsqueak in a corporate health club shirt.

This would be a great time for Josh Schaefer to swing by and see what he's missing! Mike Horton, Dennis Rodeman, and several guys from Lansing's New Life Fitness that I choose not to mention here (to avoid them drama w/ a certain eccentric part-owner...).

The guys that own Gym Bumz are real lifters and took the place over to ensure it went in a direction we could all be proud of. I know some of the guys in the club -- some no longer w/ us think it's not our place to promote the gym -- well I think that's plain bullshit. For once, gymrats have a place we can call home and sit on your ass and not spread the word -- that's just plain bs!

Kudos to Neighborhood Rite Aid Stores!

I just wanted to send a long overdue shout-out at the awesome pharmacists at the Rite Aid on Saginaw Rd. in Lansing, MI, as well as the pharmacists at the Grand River Ave. location in the Frandor/E.Lansing area. These stores are always staffed by super-friendly associates and the pharmacy teams should be commended for excellent customer service that goes above-and-beyond the call of duty. I'd expound -- but I won't; let's just say that they've been there for me on a number of occasions to answer questions and to educate me -- and I really appreciate it.

Ironically, Walgreens and CVS common stock sells for in excess of $30.00 a share, whearas Rite Aid shares are going for about $0.90 -- I think I'll be buying a few hundred once again.

Rite Aid also has a great selection of GNC products -- something that sets it miles apart from its competitors.