Sunday, July 11, 2010

Updates & More!

"I'm currently training with the Florida Gulf Coast Weightlifting Team and hope to one day make the U.S. Olympic Team. My next competition is in August 2010.  I train five days a week, legs every day at  the YMCA in Port Charlotte on Quesada.
Megan McBride

A huge congrats to Megan from the StrengthAddicts Family, at only nineteen years of age, I think the sky's the limit fort his aspiring lifter!

Video Views & More!

Congratulations to:::

Karson Lattimore whose "Mighty Quads in Action" @ 2,954!
Mike "the Tank" Ivancevic's "Push Press" @ 2,459!

Big kudos to John M. for a great effort w/ Delts on Friday -- his video (which I've been promoting like a madman) is close to 500 views (his highest charting to date).

The New Gym

Many of the members of 'the Brand' are growing more and more concerned in regards to accessibility to Go Workout, given the establishment of Gym Bumz. In the absence of an announcement, I will ask Mitch and see if I can't put up an answer in the coming days. I think the folks at our gym are doing a great job (between painting and remodeling); however, I'm not crazy about the Friday's closing time going from 10pm to 9pm -- a very minor issue. Overall, I hope that many of our guys considering to jump ship will stay put for the time being. (In regards to my earlier issue -- I spoke to management [again], and I personally want to stay put as long as possible).

Gym Bumz is a gymrat-and-bodybuilding-friendly establishment -- we need to have its back now and not run for the hills simply b/c of a name-change. It didn't become the YMCA or Curves, so for once let the hardcore lifters help pay the bills. We always whine about how these fitness pipsqueaks get all the love at gyms, well now is not the time to abandon a ship that actually wants us on board.

Final Word

Check out the site a bit later-- some more changes in store. I'll be in the gym tomorrow (at around Noon/1pm to train Chest & Biceps -- no Hawk this week :( , but I'll be ok. Anyone that wants to talk -- gimme a ring! And thanks to all of you that reached out and were concerned I was leaving.

Don't ever listen to anyone that says 'this is just a blog' -- or -- 'this is just a facebook group' -- we're NOT! 'The Family' is only going to get bigger and baDDer in time! There's nothing mediocre about us. Only the strong survive, so train hard & shut up, lol.