Friday, July 2, 2010

Gym Bumz (West Lansing)

Well it's now official -- the former [Westside] Lansing Go Workout is now now Gym Bumz, and while everything seems to be the same, my gut instinct when I first heard of the name a few days ago was right on the money. Gym Rats will find a home at Gym Bumz, and that feeling is felt from the moment you walk up to the building.

*Everyone take a sigh of relief -- we can still train and the new owner is bodybuilder at heart. Whenever gyms change management and/or especially chance names/business models, the gymrats (be they apsiring bodybuilder or aspiring powerlifters) worry to no end, that yet another wheatgrass drinking health spa is replacing a hardcore gym.

Currently I'm taking an L-Carnitine/CLA/Flaxseed Oil stack for the next 5-6 wks, coupled with nightly servings of ZMA. I'll also be running this plan in conjunction with the ECA Stack, low fat/mod.carb/high protein diet, cardio 6xwk, and abs/obliques 4xwk. So far I've lost about 30lbs. in about five weeks, with forty more pounds to go in order to get near-ripped.

Yesterday at the gym, the Tank walked in and was like .... wowh, you've withered away to nothin. In terms of dieting, this is like calling a guy doing a most muscular a FREAK! In the gym context -- Big Mike's remark was music to my ears, lol.

Also, I'd love to hear what kind of cooking oils y'all use and/or if you opt instead to use the fat-free cooking oils. Please drop me a line at, Subject: Cooking Oils.

I'll be at the gym today (Friday) at 5:15pm doing chest w/ John M.