Friday, August 27, 2010

Early Morning Cardio

"Additionally, the research indicates a physiological link between grapefruit and insulin, as it relates to weight management. The researchers speculate that the chemical properties of grapefruit reduce insulin levels and encourage weight loss."

Quoted from: Medical News Today

Taking a note from fmr. Ms. Olympia Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, I've decided that for the next four weeks (without fail), I'll be rising in the morning to 6-8oz of grapefruit juice and a 1-2 mile brisk walk.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Key Airport/Travel Tips

When traveling you might want to stay off the plane as long as possible, maybe because you claustrophobic, or maybe because you just want to enjoy as much time as possible on your laptop, reading your paper, or just enjoy some good ole natured people-watching. But if you wait too long, as I did this morning, you'll find that the plane's overheard compartment may run out of room and you may find yourself having to get your carry-on in the next city at baggage claim.

So the key here is to chill at the gate in moderation. As soon as half to three-quarters of the passengers have boarded, this should be your cue to get goin.

The next tip for you comes by way of energy. I pride myself on finding value at the airport, largely because the shops beyond the security zone make convenience store' inflated prices seem like bottom-dollar discounts at Walmart. In addition to the outrageous prices, variety seems to take a hit, and shocking as it may be in a nation leading the world in obesity, many of the caffeinated supplements on sale do not come in sugar-free. So instead of having to shell out $4-5 for a $1.50 monster, and on top of that having to drink spoonfuls of simple sugars, you can walk over to most coffee shops and order a double espresso for about $2. With your espresso, you can get 2-3 splendas and a dash of either milk or soy - and you're good to go!

The final tip (if you're a hulking Beast like yours truly) is try and save some money in your flight arrangements. A stupid twenty minute connecting flight from Lansing to Detroit can easily add $75-$300 to your flight expenses. If you live in Lansing, Jackson, or Ann Arbour, you can hop on the Michigan Flyer (a coach bus service that includes complimentary WiFi and comfy reclining seats) for $30 each way (or $50 round trip if you buy online and traveling out of E.L.).

And of course, never book directly w/ the airline -- always check your Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia type websites first. The billboard for are in most cases a royal joke; you're not going to save any more money than with the aforementioned sites. Also try and take all your stuff as carry-ons. Any trips of ten days or less, you shouldn't be packing the kitchen sink.

Also, if you want some good laughs, play a porn movie on your computer (minimizing the window) and just sit there amongst folks in the gate awaiting to board. I find it very amusing, especially since people with long faces generally bring me down. Hearing a twenty year old cheerleader going nuts in my ears makes me smile even at the ugliest grunter in the section, and eventually people will smile too. Porn brings people together and makes people smile -- you heard it here first!

This espresso is damn good. I might just get another doublebefore heading to the coach, perhaps even take some supplements. I can't wait to get to Gym Bumz tonight and do legs. I miss the squat rack, I miss the leg press, I miss the tanner, I miss the parking lot, I miss the front door, I miss the protein shakes!!! I want to Go Workout.. lol

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bodybuilder Ray Temprano Shares!

Below are three responses penned by bodybuilder Ray Temprano to our questions. Ray is an inspiration to us all, and is proof positive that discipline and hard work pay off! I hope he will send us a batch of recent photos as soon as gets its own webhosting again. And big congrats to Ray!

"My profile pic is actually 2 years old. It was taken at the N.Y. Metropolitan over 55 class where I came in first place. My age at the time was 59 and I weighed 188. I am now 61 and my contest weight was 198 for the NPC Masters Nationals where I won first place in the Heavy weight class. In the over 60 class anything over 187 is considered heavy weight. In the off season usually go up to about 230. I have been lifting weights on and off since I was 16 years old, but didn't start competing until 5 years ago at age 57. Prior to that I did some power lifting and competed in some bence press competitions. I am currently trying to concentrate more on my legs, they can always use improvement. My routine is as follows:

Day 1......chest
Day 2......Back
Day 3......Off
Day 4......Shoulders
Day 5......Legs
Day 6......Bis and tris
Day 7.....Off

My best advice to the over 50 group is "you're never too old." Eat clean,train within your limits and you will be surprised in what you can achieve.....thank you."

Ray Temprano

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Contest & Diet Updates

So first of all I really want to thank the GNC - Lansing Mall for all their assistance, both in securing a box of great supplements from USPLabs, to several members of the staff taking an interest in our group and helping to plan/promote our debut October Strength meet held at Gym Bumz - Lansing (formerly Go Workout).

I would also like to thank USPLabs, makers of the popular Jack3d pre-workout powder, for sending us sixteen samples of said product, along with about another forty single and weekly-serving samples! Additionally, USPLabs sent us two t-shirts and a bodybuilding drawstring bag bearing their cool company logo! Thanks so much for your kind gesture in helping us promote our group and assemble prize packages.

Also a huge thank you to my close friend, Jennifer Petroske of Abbott Nutrition for assisting us in securing eight boxes (each containing 12 EAS Myoplex shake (bottles). When I got the call from my apartment' office, I could hardly believe that this great company sent us over $400 in product! I gave one box to the gym and hope they will start carrying this great product; but I'm really stoked because between the EAS boxes and the UPSLabs one, I have a great source of daily inspiration to keep working towards making a first class event for Lansing and are growing StrengthAddicts family, without having to sell merch, collect dues, and/or make a business out of the hobby I love. Hobbies shouldn't be about money, they should be about friendship and fun, money is overrated.

So again, big kudos to EAS, GNC - Lansing Mall, and USPLabs!.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Should IFBB have Natural Pro Divison?

"This idea has been broached many times and it it always fails. In fact, in the early 2000s MD tried going "all natural" and nearly went out of business. The simple matter is that there is no such thing as natural bodybuilding. Even if they don't use illegal drugs (but they all lie and do them anyway), they do use legal pro hormones, test boosters, herbal growth factors, "natural" gh boosters... all that crap, including eating 20 chicken breasts a day is not natural. The IFBB would never agree to a pro natural division because that would indicate that they believe their "other division" is loaded with cheaters and criminals and would draw the attention of law enforcement even more than it does now. The bottom line is that, given the option, people are going to pay to see the freaks. And, no one believes anyone is natural.

John Romano
Boss 2 of
Ex-Editor-in-Chief, MD Magazine

"I'm afraid I don't think it will happen because it will basically be a blatant admission that all of their other athletes are using illegal drugs and I do not see that happening. It would not be a wise business or political move for them."

Layne Norton
Professional Natural Bodybuilder

[Just Received]

"The biggest challenge natural bodybuilding faces is what an individual person/fan will believe is truly achievable naturally. Everyone makes their judgements based on their own perspective and personal experiences.

You have people who have been training for just a couple of years with their opinion. You have people who readily admit they didn't fully commit to training naturally before they started using drugs with their opinion. You have extremely dedicated, hardworking people with pretty darn average genetics (at best) with their opinion. And, you have extremely dedicated people with extremely good genetics with their opinion.

Human beings make decisions based on emotion--not logic. They will "bend" logic to support their emotional decisions--whether they realize it or not.

Unless that natural bodybuilding champion standing on stage with the trophy appeals to the LOWEST common denominator's perspective and personal experiences, you will inevitably have controversy. If it's not because it's believed he is currently using, it's because he's used them in the past (whether that's true or not). If it's not because he used drugs in the past, it's because over-the-counter supplements are just as effective as drugs anyway.

Even if that person who appeals to the lowest common denominator's perspective and personal experiences as to what is truly natural, half of the other people will think that winner sucks. So, what's the point?

Look, you can line up 10 eighth-graders who have never trained a day in their lives and their will be controversy. There will be a naturally (pun intended) be a huge discrepancy in the development between the first place and last place competitor.

No subjective competition can have credibility to the masses with such built-in, inevitable controversy. "Unlimited" competition is much more palatable to the masses.

I agree with the basic premise John Ramono makes and I fully agree with Layne Norton."

Skip La Cour

Christian Duque now speaking...

For a long time now I've toyed with the idea of blogging about what I believe is a real need for an IFBB Pro - Natural Division. The introduction and immediate success of the 202 Class and the jaw-dropping progession of Team Universe class champions have been major points of interest of mine. The reality is that the IFBB's feeder (or minor league) organization in the United States, is the NPC (or National Physique Committee) and it does have a place for natural athletes.

The NPC puts on a variety of amateur shows that range from the level 1 local Mr. Mayberry contest, to regional/L3 competitions, intermediate level shows like the Emerald Cup and Southern States, and of course the big-time pro-qualifiers like the USA's, Nationals (fmr. Mr. America), and the North American championships).

On an almost parallel note, the NPC also offers a string of natural shows across the United States, spread out during the regular bodybuilding season. Shiloe Steinmetz won one of these shows in 2004 (being crowned Mr. (Natural) Ohio). The pinnacle - or Super Bowl - of the natural NPC competition-calendar is the Team Universe - also a Pro-Qualifier that will get you an IFBB Pro Card.

Where it gets hokey is what happens if a natural bodybuilder wins a series of natural shows, gets to Team Universe, and wins the overall there. If he/she takes the coveted IFBB Pro Card and competes in IFBB shows, he (more likely than she) will have little to no chance of placing Top 6, much less of taking even a small, off-the-radar show (these are sometimes referred to as the $10,000 shows).

In many cases, top-level (Natural) national champions, guys like Skip LaCour, will turn down the IFBB Pro Card and continue competing at Team Universe. I guess it's a pretty obvious to me why I would do such a thing -- on the one hand I can be a celebrated and appreciated national champion, meanwhile on the other hand I can be one of many guys with a bunch of excuses, playing a violin as to why I came in dead last backstage while the Top 6 are on stage battling it out during the posedown,when point in fact I'm more ripped and balanced than the guy that will probably take the overall, but he's got me by 50lbs of muscle and the boatload of diuretics he took make my conditioning look like I've been drinking Kool-Aid Smoothies all afternoon.

It's not fair. I know... 'who said life was fair?' But this goes beyond not being fair, it would almost be a travesty of the entire sport of bodybuilding -- and it happens.

I have to dissent w/ John Romano (even though he's one of my idols -- and -- I do appreciate the huge balls he had to even reply... others who were sent this question: Tom Platz, Ron Avidan, and even Bob Paris who wrote directly on this topic and has spoken many times about tthe issue -- never responded). And while I truly commend Romano for having the guts to speak his mind to me -- a little weblogger he's never heard of -- I don't think he's on the money. I think food-based supplements and food itself, while scientifically-advanced as it may be procured does not even come into the same zip code has using synthetic hormones, insulin (which is 100x more dangerous than steroids [p.s. steroids aren't really dangerous -- just illegal], and synthol-type site inections.

Therefore, while I concede that food-based supplements have come a long way scientifically, I just can't put these -- or the herbal supplements (like tribulus, Maca, or Horny Goat Weed), fat-burners containing Ephedrine (which most natural bodybuilders don't use), and/or even DHEA or still-legal anti-aromatase OTC's (also largely not used by natural bodybuilders) in the same category as Deca, Tren, or Sustanon.

What do you guys think? I will publish a handful comments, but I will not allow this post to become a pile-up on Romano, because while his opinion is exteme -- it's valid to a certain extent, in that "natural bodybuilders" (some) seemingly take anything and everything that's not on their federation's banned list - and certainly, that begs the question... how natural is that?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shiloe Steinmetz Q&A

2x Team Universe Heavyweight Nat'l Champion,
2009 (Natural) Mr. Ohio,
2010 NPC Junior Nat'ls (2nd, SuperHvyWght)

Christian Duque:
For starters, please tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, why did you start training, and what are some of the benefits that bodybuilding and fitness has earned you?

Shiloe Steinmetz: Well I am now 38 years old and have been bodybuilding since 1997. I started bodybuilding after college when the manager from the gym I worked out at in Columbus, OH convinced me -after that I was hooked! I loved the competion and the lifestyle. I was always interested in staying fit and working out; it just got better when I graduated and could actually afford food! LOL

I am orginally from Tiffin, Ohio and moved to Columbus after graduation from Pharmacy School at Ohio Northern University.

Since bodybuilding I have been blessed with many great things, such as a sponsorship and the opportunity to travel all over the US and abroad. I even met my wife at the Ohio Championships where I won "Mr. Ohio" in 2008.

Christian Duque: Your website says you've competed in over 55 shows -- that quite impressive! I must say, you first caught my eye w/ your terrific placings in the 2010 NPC Team Universe & NPC Junior Nationals, and given the success with which you know how to dial in your physique -- I think a procard for you is totally a forgone conclusion. But I guess the elephant in the room is .. if you win the Team U (or another Pro Qualifier) do you take your procard like a Jeff Willet -- or do you pass it up like a Skip LaCour -- and continue competing in the Universe and/other drug-tested national level shows?

Shiloe Steinmetz: Well, that is a great question and only time will tell the answer to that one. I guess it really depends on my age and if I ever get that pro card! Lol.

If I should get it in the next 2 years, I will take it and do a pro show or two and retire? If I don't get it soon, I guess retirement is inevitable anyways. haha Really it is up to God and where he leads and takes me. Also, depends on whether or not I have a family at the time also.

Christian Duque: As a natural, national level competitor could you please give us your take on prohormones, DHEA, and Ephedrine? I, personally, believe that natural federations comparing these supplements in any way, shape, or form to anabolic steroids are way way off kilter; however, I'm not the one being interviewed (lol).

Shiloe Steinmetz: I have to agree. They are in no way able to be compared. I personally think they are a waste of money and have little to no benefit with the risks of health issues. But none the less the rules are the rules and if they are banned then they are banned. Don't waste your money! LOL

Christian Duque: Could you please tell us how on Earth you put an extra 10lbs of lean size onto your physique for the 2010 NPC Team Universe - and - how much bigger you think you can get without beginning to compromise your streamlined physique and/or appearing blocky?

Shiloe Steinmetz: Well, it is rather easy. I have had the same problem all my years. I stay fairly lean and never eat enough. This year I had a new trainer and followed the diet in the off season. It was a ridiculous amount of food compared to what I was used to.

Also as far as the carb-up goes, I have never eaten so many carbs before! I actually gained weight the closer I got to the show.

The key was really nutrition. I do not want to get any bigger and am not sure I really can, eiher. I think I am maxed-out per se. Also, I do run the risk ofm losing the aesthetic-look and getting too big. I'm fine with where I am at now, looking forward to the day of retirement so then I can stop eating and really get my weight down.

Christian Duque: We've all heard the phrase "bodybuilding is a subjective sport" -- ad nauseam. We've also heard the talking heads -- over the years -- discuss how in certain IFBB shows like the Arnold, aesthetics are valued to the extent where mass is favored at the Olympia -- suggesting varying criteria per shows. If you agree with former and latter, would you say with any degree of reasonable certainty that the judges at Team Universe are looking for something distinct from that at the Junior Nat'ls, Nationals, USA's, or North American?

Shiloe Steinmetz: There may be some truth to what you're saying in the IFBB and then again it may be a different judging panel as well? I do agree that the Team Universe tends to favor more ripped asthetic physiques vs. the bigger bulky frames. Again it really is subjective and may be a differnt group of judges at the USA and Jr nationals ect.. There are I beleive some degree of politics as well, actually a big degree! LOL None the less it is a subjective sport and the "look" can change all the time.

Christian Duque: The NPC does a great job of having “natural” shows that prepare athletes for natural, national level competition at the Team Universe; the IFBB also has done a wonderful job of incorporating and promoting the Under 202 class; however, do you ever think the IFBB would match the NPC and offer “natural” shows through it’s professional league? And what do you think the response to such a directive would be?

Shiloe Steinmetz: NO, it will never happen. Simply because of money issues. The naturals will not bring the crowds and anytime there is money involved, people will find a way to bypass drug tests and it wouldn't be a true natural division anyway, but than again, you never know.

I think it would be cool. I would love to see drugs out of the sport totally, I hate that part of the whole industry. If the IFBB would do that they may eliminate alot of the other organizations out there and would unify the sport possibly. There are alot of good pros out there in other organizations but no one has heard of them or know who they are? I could only name maybe 2 or 3 and they are some really great ones! They just do not get any recognition and it would be cool if they did.

Christian Duque: As far as nutrition goes, I know you work with IFBB Pro George Farah -- whose become increasingly popular given his input w/ 2009 Mr. Olympia Runner-up Branch Warren. What other "gurus" have you worked with and what's your take on carb and sodium depletion and loading heading into a contest? Also, what are your thoughts on consuming distilled water leading up to a show – really necessary?

Shiloe Steinmetz: I have also worked with Mike Davies;he is a great trainer and gave me alot of good advice and help. I just decided to try something different this year and see how my body responded. As far as carb-depletion and loading goes, I tend to cut carbs back gradually as I get closer to the show and then add them back the wednseday before the event. Sodium on the other hand, I do nothing with and keep low the entire time. I don't believe distilled water is needed and actually it can deplete you of needed electrolytes and make you cramp up if you drink too much of it. Bottom line is: if you're lean enough, regular water is fine and simply monitor your sodium-intake.

Christian Duque: As far as your training goes, what does your off-season routine look like (e.g. how many days per week, times per day) and how does it change during your contest prep?

Shiloe Steinmetz: This is a very easy question because I do not change my training from off season to contest time.

It is usually always intense at about 45-50 minutes tops.

Legs and arms usually run about an hour. I usually start out with a heavy bulking movement then follow up with 4-5 shaping movements. I do 4-5 times a week hitting a split of (legs, chest and calves, shoulders, arms, and back) then one day a week i add in abs and hips and maybe hammies again.

During contest season I do start cardio more often. Usually 30-40 minutes in the morning followed by 20 minutes after my workout in the evening. That is pretty much it. I lift heavy and hard and intense. i dont mess around in the gym. I kinda live by a saying Ronnie Coleman asseted: "Everyone wants to be Mr Olympia but no-one wants to life any heavy ass weight." That is so true you have to life big and eat big to get big.

Christian Duque: From the looks of many of your shots and from responses you’ve given in other interviews, you seem to really enjoy leg training – as do I. Do you train the entire leg (calves, hams, glutes, and quads) all in one day – or – do you split them up alongside other body parts throughout the week? Are there any leg exercises you favor -- that may be 'out of style w/ the gym mainstream today' (e.g. front squats, lunges, good-mornings, etc)?

Shiloe Steinmetz: I usually never train the whole leg in one day. It is just too much and I go all out on leg day. I squat heavy, leg press heavy and kill my legs. Usually my last set of squats in somewhere between 550-650 for 10 reps and then I do a burn out set of deep squats with 315. On my leg presses and squats my feet are real close togetrher if not touching. This allows my to put to effort in my quads and not in my butt. I split hammies on occasion and always do calves on a seperate day usually with chest. I do alot of lunges as I get closer to the show with step ups and a ton of leg extensions. That is it pretty much. You want big wheels you have to put a ton of weight on the bar and move it!

Christian Duque: What would you like to say to your fans, and what projects and/or upcoming shows do you see yourself being involved with for the rest of 2010?

Shiloe Steinmetz: The first thing I want to say to my fans is that all i have and done is a gift from God. I have been blessed in my life and I give a credit and glory to my king Jesus Christ. Without Christ I have no hope and no salvation and all I do here on Earth is worthless. I can give testimony after testimony of the great things God has done for me. I encourage anyone who does not know the Lord to genuinely seek him and your life will never be the same. As far as projects or shows the rest of the year?

HMMM I am done with shows for the year and possibly for good. I want to trim down and play some other sports and be more involved with my family and Church.

I could walk away from the sport and be totally content with what i have accomplished and never compete again. I would like to have my own bussiness someday and put my time and effort into a new goal. Only time will tell and I will go where God is directing me. Thanks for the interview and God bless! Shiloe

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2 Days of Hard Training

Yesterday we had a great workout, largely due to the fact we were able to successfully get through a grueling workout with a five-man training crew. Training with more than two people is a challenge -- getting five people to work in sync, remain focused, and push each other both physically, as well as emotionally is a major acommplishment that can only be chalked to a serious committment to disciplined training.

John Mamaligas, James Lawrence, the Hawk, Melvin Byron, & myself embarked on a shoulder routine that included well over seven exercises -- for a total of over 30 sets, that's 150 sets between the five of us over the course of just ninety minutes. The group also implemented light exercises in between working-sets to offset extended periods of downtime.

When you're training with one or two other guys, you might wait/rest anywhere from thrity seconds to a minute, but when you have to wait four turns just for your number to come up X 5 sets -- this can easily turn into a recipe for disaster. Still, w/o getting in anyone's way or hogging any equipment, I must confess that being part of a team effort -- in what's largely been marketed as a 'sport of one,' is truly a great feeling.

When you create a group and keep a blog or a little facebook group, and recruits start knockin on the door from other cities, states, and even from other countries -- that's very flattering. When guys like Melvin Byron and Greg Morison are actually brainstorming for t-shirts for the group (and their ideas just floor you, and their future thinking into cost, artists, prices) -- that's encouraging, it give me and all of us that renewed sense that what we're all doing is so much more than just carrying on w/ a group of guys that happen to lift.

I think there's a few envious trolls out there that aim solely to take a crap on what we're doing -- be it by openly trying to sabotage us to the subtle defeatist talk in the gy -- but overall you can't just lift with someone 1-2hrs, 3-5x per week, every week - for months on end - even years, without building friendships, without developing a trust in these people, without beginning to depend on them.

I personally don't like to hear people tell me I can't do something -- or -- I shouldn't be too disappointed when I fail . The old saying 'misery loves company' is quite rampant in the gym -- I know there's people w/ better physiques than me, I know there's far more knowledgeable people out there than I am, but I don't care -- I've lost 50lbs and I'm getting ripped; Jordan went through hell and back in a car accident and he's benching 245 w/ perfect form, the Hawk went from barely training to being one of the strongest, most committed lifters at Gym Bumz. Your destiny is in your hands.

If a severely retarded child can train his butt off despite all the curve balls life has thrown his way and win a race at Special Olympics and succeed despite all the obstacles in his way -- then you can get stronger, you can get ripped, and you can be a role model people look up to.

Every single member of has the potential to reach their goals and be a role model -- and not only can you do that, but the group will push you.

High school and college are over for most of you. Some of you didn't play sprots -- but really wanted to, some of you weren't in fraternities or sororities -- but have always wondered what it would have been like. can be your sports team and it can be your greek lettered organization -- in fact -- it can be just about anything you want it to be :) Because everyone has a voice and we encourage you to speak up!

[Sermon now Over :-) ]