Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2 Days of Hard Training

Yesterday we had a great workout, largely due to the fact we were able to successfully get through a grueling workout with a five-man training crew. Training with more than two people is a challenge -- getting five people to work in sync, remain focused, and push each other both physically, as well as emotionally is a major acommplishment that can only be chalked to a serious committment to disciplined training.

John Mamaligas, James Lawrence, the Hawk, Melvin Byron, & myself embarked on a shoulder routine that included well over seven exercises -- for a total of over 30 sets, that's 150 sets between the five of us over the course of just ninety minutes. The group also implemented light exercises in between working-sets to offset extended periods of downtime.

When you're training with one or two other guys, you might wait/rest anywhere from thrity seconds to a minute, but when you have to wait four turns just for your number to come up X 5 sets -- this can easily turn into a recipe for disaster. Still, w/o getting in anyone's way or hogging any equipment, I must confess that being part of a team effort -- in what's largely been marketed as a 'sport of one,' is truly a great feeling.

When you create a group and keep a blog or a little facebook group, and recruits start knockin on the door from other cities, states, and even from other countries -- that's very flattering. When guys like Melvin Byron and Greg Morison are actually brainstorming for t-shirts for the group (and their ideas just floor you, and their future thinking into cost, artists, prices) -- that's encouraging, it give me and all of us that renewed sense that what we're all doing is so much more than just carrying on w/ a group of guys that happen to lift.

I think there's a few envious trolls out there that aim solely to take a crap on what we're doing -- be it by openly trying to sabotage us to the subtle defeatist talk in the gy -- but overall you can't just lift with someone 1-2hrs, 3-5x per week, every week - for months on end - even years, without building friendships, without developing a trust in these people, without beginning to depend on them.

I personally don't like to hear people tell me I can't do something -- or -- I shouldn't be too disappointed when I fail . The old saying 'misery loves company' is quite rampant in the gym -- I know there's people w/ better physiques than me, I know there's far more knowledgeable people out there than I am, but I don't care -- I've lost 50lbs and I'm getting ripped; Jordan went through hell and back in a car accident and he's benching 245 w/ perfect form, the Hawk went from barely training to being one of the strongest, most committed lifters at Gym Bumz. Your destiny is in your hands.

If a severely retarded child can train his butt off despite all the curve balls life has thrown his way and win a race at Special Olympics and succeed despite all the obstacles in his way -- then you can get stronger, you can get ripped, and you can be a role model people look up to.

Every single member of StrengthAddicts.com has the potential to reach their goals and be a role model -- and not only can you do that, but the group will push you.

High school and college are over for most of you. Some of you didn't play sprots -- but really wanted to, some of you weren't in fraternities or sororities -- but have always wondered what it would have been like. StrengthAddicts.com can be your sports team and it can be your greek lettered organization -- in fact -- it can be just about anything you want it to be :) Because everyone has a voice and we encourage you to speak up!

[Sermon now Over :-) ]