Friday, July 16, 2010

Gym Etiquette (Lesson 2)

You wouldn't normally deadlift at 9am or 6pm -- the busiest times at the gym, largely because you'd want to be considerate of others. But you may not want to do your heavy lift at off times either, because in some gyms the attention of staff may be triggered for the most random reasons -- and -- when the entire facility is under the command of one person (usually during off hours), that person's judgment is binding. There's no use raising the argument that you lift this way or that way at other times or over the course of several months.

The sad reality is that even many of the traditionally hardcore gyms of old, have fallen prey to the health club influence taking the nation by storm. In some cities, gymrats are lucky to have quality fitness centers that while dungeon'esque, do offer a cross-section of fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to co-exist. If you train at a club that's bodybuilder-friendly, go out of your way to help promote and bring business to that establishment -- in all likelihood, this kind of gym will go under unless you take action!

What Are People Saying On YT

Can you say Gym Dictatorship -- these women would run a great gym -- in Taliban-controlled Kandahar! My goodness -- is there anything us guys can do in the gym? I mean these young ladies are definitely in shape, and the one on the left is just downright gorgeous, but that aside... there is such a thing as going to be a gym and being hardcore and wanting to push yourself to the limit. I'm one of those guys that does 3.2-3.4, only I'm going for 70 minutes and 80% of that time at an incline of 7.5 or higher, with my last ten minutes between 12.5-15.0. Let's you see you girls do that -- oh yeah -- and don't sweat, grunt, or hum to any songs off your mp3 player. Epic Fail. Next...

This is literally the direction some gyms are headed in -- maybe not to the extent of phoning the police, but working out at some facilities is almost like signing yourself up for a prison sentence. Now realize this, we're not talking about slamming weights and we're not talking about screaming -- the gymrat in question did exactly what got him kicked out on camera. Even something so minor can lead to major drama. Epic Fail Next up...