Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Backday

Yesterday was my first cheat day in a diet that's spenned over six week -- there was much to celebrate, considering I've lost over 50lbs, and given the fact I hadn't planned on cheating. The madness started w/ a date that started out w/ tickets to one of the best movies I've seen all year Inception (starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ellen Page and a box Milk Duds and three handfuls of Skittles. By the end of the date I had some a McDonald's coffee shake, large fries...on the way home from Pontiac, I had Taco Bell (a Mango freeze, 2 cheese roll-ups, and 2 bean burritos)... a few exits later I stopped at Burger King and had 2 sundaes w/ mocha drizzle and a slice of cookie dough pie).

This morning... I had a Optimum Nutrition Cookies and Cream protein shake over ice and I'm now at Tim Horton's sipping a 36oz Diet Coke and a Zero Carb Rockstar. I'm happy to be back on the diet (eating out at this level is actually more of an inconvenience than a guilty pleasure) and after four hours of Immigration Law -- I'll be ready to hit the gym for a Back and Cardio -- after a a relexing off-day yesterday.

Monday Workout: Shoulders/Biceps
(Christian, John, Jake, James) 5pm

From Tim Horton's to Hot House to Gym
I made a new friend at the coffee shop -- a little on the psycho-side, but gorgeous all at the same time. Have you ever dated a girl that you think could potentially murder you in your sleep? Well if not, I highly recommend it -- it's an exhilarating experience to say the least. Plus, it'd been almost two years since I visited the fine hot tub establishment on the Lansing/DeWitt border; however, this time I visted Rm.4 as opposed to the executive suite.

All I can say is when you have arms as big as mine and you wear tank tops -- life is good - life is very good. :)

But just when life seemed like it couldn't get any better -- I went to Gym Bumz to tan and get some hamstrings done; and there he was, doing cardio. The guy that had slandered me at Powerhouse and who had demanded I be kicked out of the gym -- or he was walking. He just looked down at me from the cardio section and this lying, piece of crap didn't even have the decency to come apologize to me for all the drama, all the FACT-less drama he had created.

I just looked at him and smiled, but later as he walked out of changing room and stood by the exit, he just nodded my way as if trying elicit a reaction out of me; I just mumbled to myself but moreso believed what a lying piece of crap this guy is. Funny how "the victim" acted like the aggressor. Pro card in six months -- keep dreaming.

Apparently, when I asked at the front desk (after he'd left) what his status was at the gym, I was told he had canceled but had 30 days left.

For a guy that can't share the gym w/ me, he not only did so, he was looking for me to go off on him -- but he's not worth the aggravation. This group is getting bigger, more organized, and we're attracting new people to the gym. We are going to be a large part of this new gym ownership's success and we're also going to be an integral part of bringing competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting back to Lansing,MI.

Even if this clown were to return to our gym, I don't really care either way -- the guy is a complete joke and my only desire outside of my schooling and my physique, is making a complete success!

Hope the girl from earlier calls me back -- what a babe!
Also the girl from yesterday was quite the babe as well. I hope they both call -- especially at the same time! :)