Monday, June 28, 2010

Muscle & Power

This post will first and foremost congratulate the two highest viewed videos and the athletes that appear in them. Although my promotion tactics are often over-the-top, the people have spoken with their views. Most threads on message boards and friendly websites yield positive feedback, but Mike "the Tank" Ivancevic's 'Push Press 225' sits with 2,100 views only four days shy of a month online.

Most of the comments on the boards and on his video page demand that he lift more weight! The fans beleive, as do I, that 225 is only teaser of what "the Tank" aka "Big Mike" can really push-press; however, as he himself will tell you -- he's just getting back into training and getting his numbers back up requires time. He will not be rushed! But soon, I hope, we'll see a 315 push press from :)

The Tank returns to the gym tomorrow at 6pm! It will be very interesting to see him train w/ Brian (his usual training partner) & Jonathan Bennett (Brian's current training partner) at some point. I have a feeling these three guys will put up some nice numbers and also work towards streamlining their physiques per Brian's philosophies on training. Jonathan also brings some Olympic Lifting philosophies to the table that may supplement the Tank's powerlifting routines.

(Also, for all of July, Brian G. Raymond will be the face of on

Karson "Six-Pack" Lattimore is by far the most promoted video so far, featured in Mighty Quads in Action. On most threads and sites, he's getting over 90% approval -- with only minor jabs for using padding and wrapping his knees (both approaches that will save his joints from unneeded wear and tear and possible damage in the future). In just about a week's time, the video near 2,000 Views and I predict will surpass the 5,000 mark by summer's end!

Karson's nickname, "Six Pack", is very fitting because of his remarkable abdominal development and his innovative, often gut-wrenching abdominal exercise ideas. To be able to simply pull your shirt off and get your chest, abs, and oliques in perfect condition to be photographed - at the drop of a hat, is great quality that I beliveve Karson only shares with fellow StrengthAddict Kelvin Perry.
Hurry Up & Wait!
Spencer Range's much anticipated feature column on Max-OT will be slightly postponed due to moving-related issues.