Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't be a Sucker!

Some of you are grown ass men and women and you shouldn't have to be told to quit handing over your hard-earned money for what amounts to little for than a handful of magic beans. If you're overweight, set realistic goals for yourself - don't go around the gym saying that not only are you going to drop literally half your bodyweight in fat in six months - but that you're also going to win a bodybuilding pro card, simply because you retained a nutritionist or got yourself on a stack of little more than sugar pills you purchased at the local health food store.

Supplement ads are nothing more than over-the-top sales pitches targeted at an intentionally-impressionable audience that want to believe in what their common sense at the 5th grade level would have had them ignore at first blush.

However, if you're dead set on buying Leucine in a pill bottle that says "Leukic" for $70 (on sale, lol), then meet me at the Go Workout parking lot before I train. I don't have any pills, but I can fill up your bottle from my $15 bag of leucine from Supplement Direct, and you can give me the $70. I'll make $55 profit and still have twice as much product as you do.

Bodybuilders have homes, families, bills to pay. Supplement contracts afford bodybuilders the ability to make a living -- you think Jay Cutler left ISS for MuscleTech b/c NitroTech works better? I mean he may say that, but money talks. Even when Ronnie was winning Sandows, it was rumored Jay had a better supplement contract (and was making more $$$) -- this is why BSN gave Coleman the "biggest contract in bodybuilding history"...

In any event... if you hire a guru or buy a "stack" of sugar bills and food supplements at the health store -- don't buy the hype -- and if you do -- don't go around preaching it to the poor non-believers. People will think you're delusional, and some would say - deserving of getting ripped-off.