Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting Ripped: As much mental, as physical.

I don't know how many of you are aiming to get ripped by summer -- or are already there, but I know how to lose 60lbs in three months and I'm well on my way. Is it healthy? It's healthier than being fat, let's just say that. In a couple of days I start cardio (the 2nd phase) and within 4wks I'll have another 20lbs off. But the hardest weight to lose -- is that last 20lbs. I refuse to starve myself; I also refuse to take anything stronger than an ECA Stack. Trust me fellas -- you can get anything in a gym (not necessarily our gym, but any gym). And let me be the straight-edge, PSA/Public Service Announcement person here, and let me tell you what you're already prolly thinking I'm going to write.. even if you're curious -- it's not worth it!

I used to know of a guy in FL (through his gf), that used to deal in rolaids, and the secret was that he'd extract all the antacid from the vile and replace all but 10% of it with peanut oil and vinegar. People were buying what they thought was a strong antacid and what they were getting was generic salad dressing. Heck.. you could go over to Meijer and pick up some of Paul Newman's best Italian dressing for way cheaper! Worse of all fellas... if you got busted -- even buying counterfeit antacids -- you'll still be sent to the bighouse. But I digress ... back to getting cut and not going beyond the controlled-but-still-legal ECA Stack.

So I must commence w/ the first critique you'll prolly hear along the way - "don't overtrain." Well that's just a crock of hooey! lol. How can you expect to get ripped by not going the extra mile? You're not trying to tone, and you're not trying to get in shape -- you're 20, 30, 40, but you're not 80! Your idea of cardio is not sitting on a plastic chair and moving your orthopedic Reebox around an inch this way, and a inch that way. I mean who here wears Depends, and of those of you that do... how many of you have a Pacemaker. I mean what's this overtraining nonsense I keep hearing.

There's merit to it -- and opinions are like _____, eveyone has one. But aside from qualifiying my opinion as just that, how is anything supposed to get done in the gym, if we train only for a mere forty-five minutes like Skip Lacour advises, or what if we train a bodypart once every ten days like Mike Mentzer would (at times) advocate with his High Intensity Training (a program that was later followed by IFBB greats like Aaron Baker and 6x Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates). The bottom line is that the two aforementioned athletes are bodybuilders whose history will cetainly make for our sport's textbooks (and we're very proud of them!), but we aren't vying for the Mr. Olympia or the coveted (Natural) IFBB Team Universe - we're a blue collar bodybuilding and powerlifting club.

You know... I take great pride in being an "everyday lifter," but given that distinction, I also realize that many of us aren't that different from mainstream society in that we demand instant gratification. Thank God for the Doogie Howser's, but America was built by the George Jefferson's, the Archie Bunker's, and even.. the Al Bundy's -- the blue collar workhorses!

Even bodybuilding... Milos Sarcev knew the science, Ronnie Coleman bled from his nose and worked like a superhuman; true, he wasn't natural, but NO ONE lifted more, suffered more, and endure more. This is why Coleman was the best. It's just like when I was ten years old -- I used to bleed green -- I was the biggest Celtics fan ever! I used to idolize Kevin McHale, Larry Bird, and Robert Parish -- and even though Jordan made me cry everytime he shut out Boston -- you just can't deny Jordan was the greatest that ever lived. Workhorses. Workhorses -- not scientists, not bookworms, not philosophers -- certainly not funny-walking/snooty/unapproachable/broom-up-their ass, male PERSONAL TRAINERS!. Workhorses.

So at the risk of sounding like an ignoramus (given the easy accessibility of programs like HIT and Max-O.T.), I'm going to say: "train balls to the wall, till your legs give out, because there's NO Shame with laying on your own pool of sweat on the gym floor that everyone's walked all over.

We don't wear pretty t-shirts, we don't have clients that call us and pay us huge chunks of change to hear us talk to them on the phone about how they need to get their fat-butts on a treadmill, and we don't have film crews following us around (well...sometimes I'll follow you around with my Insignia camera, lol).
And YES there is such a thing as "," but chances are, most people never even come close to that point and already they're lookin at the door. Are you a New Year's Resolution lifter -- or are you a f*ckin StrengthAddict?!! When you train like a wimp -- you're making ALL OF US look like wimps with you! Thanks...
Train hard. Over-training should be in the same pile w/ words like over-achieving, overly-successful, and overly-ambitious. But that's just MY OPINION.