Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Team Effort

I. About Yesterday's Entry

No apologies. Yes, this is our blog, but I do all the work here. And to a lesser, though still notable degree -- I'm the leader of the pack. If I can't be honest with my best buds in the gym (the only place that's really been important to me in the last 5yrs of my life), then who can I be honest with? I know there's local traffic, heck, I know there's international traffic as well (I get the fanmail), but bodybuilding isn't an outlet for ogres and midgets w/ Napoleon-syndrome... I want people to know that gymrats are very keen people, with expansive intellects and complex personalities; and yes, feelings too! :)

II. Truly a Team Effort!

What we're doing goes beyond lifting, spotting, and filming.