Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reduce Carbs Close to Bedtime

"Well the primary reason eating carbohydrate later at night is a problem for people desiring fat loss is the insulin spike that takes place during a sedentary state. Since you are as inactive as you can possibly be during sleep, there's nowhere for the stored energy (body fat) to go or be used. This is why if you're going to eat carbs it's probably best to do it earlier in the day when your body has an ability to use the energy up before the insulin stores the fat. Lesson here: DON'T EAT CARBS AT NIGHT! :)

Jimmy Moore
Livin (Founder)

Christian's Daily Gym Rant
Interesting day at the gym today. Trained shoulders and hit abs (just tuned to Motley Crue's Hooligan's Holiday off their best album ever (and the only one w/o original singer Vince Neil).

One of the gym's up and coming competitors was working out today - and in typical competitor mode - said hello to eveyone except for yours truly. I have a feeling when StrengthAddicts gets bigger, people will start being nicer to me... it won't help. Certain people will never enter our group. Another notable-but-frightening event occurred on my way out.

A lady I've seen in the gym quite often -- always kickin butt on cardio and weights was leaving ahead of me, and since I never have said hello to her I did. I guess she didn't hear me the first time, so I said hello again. She gave me the coolest smile and seemed really nice -- so I said "you're very friendly" and smiled. I was happy to meet a nice person, but upon giving her the compliment her face morphed into downright fury -- did I miss something? "You seem friendly" and a smile... are these fighting words? Ya got me - I'm clueless.