Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's A Question of Class

You know... I'm a guy's guy, and I love a great joke just as much as the next guy. But in case some of you amongst us missed the bus -- or maybe you don't have mothers, sisters, female cousins, or close female friends... there's a time and a place certain kinds of joke, and there's a time and a place to joke around with women. This time and place should most certainly be influenced by the presence of unsuspecting third parties. Anyways... I should just mind my own business, but in two separate occasions now, I feel sorry for the female recipients, and offer them unsolicited advice. I actually tell them, 'hey, can I offer you some unsolicited advice?

That advice is, nothing is more cool in a woman, than the self-respect needed to respond: "you know... I don't think that comment _____ was appropriate." In both situations, the women have told me: "he was only kidding," and brush it, as well as my advice, off. The sad thing folks, is that while a third person may not have been there for the whole conversation, whenever they hear something offensive hurled at a woman and she just takes it -- it's upsetting.

So without naming names (something I'll never do), I just ask that the male members of StrengthAddicts never stoop so low as to publicly objectify women -- especially in earshot or in the presence of totally disinterested unsuspecting third parties. What this will do, is no doubt, lower that woman's self-respect to that passerby traffic. Be a real man -- treat women with respect.