Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hodge Twins Attack Jeff Willett

The HodgeTwins, an outspoken vlogging duo, whose youtube channel has grown to a network of 120,000 subscribers and over 30 million combined views, took aim at IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeff Willett. Willett, who won the Overall title at the 2003 Team Universe, has been a positive force in the world of Natural Bodybuilding for several decades. His website,, offers visitors a plethora of resources and products. He is also the proud owner of Jeff Willett's Powerhouse Gym in Adrian, MI.

But over the years, Jeff, like other top level natural champions (e.g., Skip LaCour) have seen themselves forced to defend their good name against largely anonymous attacks on the [message] boards, on their youtube vidoes, and even in their own private [email] inboxes. It's become such an issue, in such a viral world, where if the celebrity (or his/her camp) doesn't reply fast enough - the silence could easily become perceived as admission-by-omission by the public at large. And what's equally troubling, is that Jeff Willett and/or Skip LaCour are not just peoples' names, they have become brands - for t-shirts, videos, personal training, supplement lines, books, etc. When these names are attacked, there can be very real ramafications. There can be traceable losses, tangible ones, and what's even worse, is this.

What if the attacks are baseless? What if the series of baseless implications and innuendos taint hundreds, if not thousands of young, impressionable minds? When did you first get into bodybuilding? What if you're one of the 120,000 that religiously watch the HodgeTwins? Have they given Jeff an opportunity to defend himself? Will they? Or is just "free speech" in their eyes?

There comes a point in time when it's no longer just an opinion.The website, the gym, the name - these are all property interests of Jeff Willett, of Skip LaCour, of whoever is next in the line of fire. If they lose money because of this; if the value in their reputation takes a hit - shouldn't they act? Wouldn't you?

It's an absolute TRAVESTY that the video attacking Jeff Willett has been out since December. These assholes made this video days before Christmas - talk about holiday cheer and a warm disposition come the holidays. This shameless video is nothing more than an attempt at jacking up more views, at the expense of a man that DID NOTHING TO THEM.

Shame on these losers. A lot of people may be scared to stand up to them (this isn't melodramatic crap folks) - a lot of people and companies are terrified of these two (and their fanbase of bozos) - but I'm not. Shame on these haters! It'll be a cold day in hell before I silence myself ON MY OWN PAGES!

This is NOT just entertainment, and this is NOT just an opinon by guys on a youtube channel.