Monday, January 30, 2012

E-Control by IronMagLabs

Does anyone know why ErgoPharm's 6-OXO and/or Gaspari's Novedex XT suddenly were pulled of the market? Was there an effective ban, or were the supplement companies merely looking play it safe. Have you noticed that all those products, even some still in existence (e.g. Inhibit E) are no longer avaialble at mainstram cites like Why is that? Why has the industry that fuels competitive physique sports and makes its money off of the blood, sweat, and tears of local gym rats decided to play by such wimpy standards? Why not take a stand and make great products that actually work. Just now I saw an add on facebook from this company:, selling DHEA at 300mg for $25 a bottle. Are you serious right now?

Here in Lansing, MI, we have over 50 "Medical" Marijuana Stores, which cater to countless "sick" folks -- MY ASS! Why can the potheads toke till to their heart's content, but those of us that want to get stronger (and yes, cut) - can't? You can probably wait three lifetimes, because the government quite frankly doesn't care. They don't care that their withchhunt is without merit, they don't care that there decision-making isn't backed by the majority of voters -- they just need a scapegoat.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel - some reward at the end of the rainbow, and this happy ending comes by way of prohormones, estrogen inhibitors, and natural compounds created to benefit your organs. I just recently began a trial of E-Control after about five weeks on a ph called Super DMZ Rx. I didn't lose weight - in fact - I gained because I ate lot more food, but my lifts went up considerably. I have a great deal of faith in this company ( and I invite you to check them out.

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