Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Physique Champion Mark Olson Speaks!

Mark with his Overall Medal.

Christian Duque: Mark, tell us about yourself. Full name, age, ht, wt. and contest wt. And also, where's your hometown.

Mark Olson: My name is Mark Olson I am 24 years old. My height is 6'1. My contest weight is about 195 and my off season weight is around 220. I currently live in Wichita Kansas, but call St. Louis my true home.

Christian Duque: Please share with us when and why you first started training - and what inspires you today.

Mark Olson: I started training after a college football injury cut my career short, I needed something to fill the void that I could challenge myself with on a daily basis. Alot of my inspiration actually comes from my clients. Witnessing all that many of them have overcome and their passion to progress, as well as their support, keeps me going.

Mark flanked by family.

Christian Duque: Speaking directly to the Midwest Open, what were your impressions with the depth of the lineup and how did you find the show to be run? Good attendance? Organized production? Good advertising?

Mark Olson: I loved competing at the Midwest open. Being from St. Louis I had attended the show as a spectator before- and I always wanted to return as a competitor. Jack and Ann Titone did a great job. As far as the lineup goes, I competed in the Tall class, and not to take anything away from any of the competitors but I was extremely impressed by the short class. Just sharing the same stage as guys like Kyle Krshka and Sean Harley, and posing down in the finals with Peter Ray, was all an overwhelming honor.

Christian Duque: Talk to us about your contest prep. Did anyone help you with your diet, training, posing? Please give kudos to all those that deserve them.

Mark Olson: So many people have helped me along the way I doubt I can give credit to all of them with out leaving some out. First and foremost though I have to thank MY trainer Alex Azarian. A true professional that I am looking forward to working with more and more. I also have a great crew that supports me on the home front as well, my girlfriend Lacey Kerbs, David Hogan from Stackerbottle.com, and the guys that keep my head on straight everyday- Scott Hogan, Barry Johnson, Seville Ko, and Jeremiah Rogers. And I can't thank my own clients and family enough either for all their continued support! While it's a competiton for individuals, this is very much a team sport. My success is credited to everyone listed above, and probably a few more.

Christian Duque: Where do you train at, and how supportive is the gym staff and fellow members when it comes to your competitive goals? Will you showing your trophy at their front counter?

Mark Olson: I train (as well as make a living) at Genesis Health Clubs in Wichita Kansas. The atmosphere in my club is phenomenol! The gym floor is shared by lots of competitors, and even ex-competitors. Theres a great enviroment for motivation an progress here.

Christian Duque: What do you hope to accomplish through Physique competition and what are some of your goals for the future?

Mark Olson: I started competing so that I could be an example of what can be accomplished. I hope to inspire my clients and anyone else that watches me train and witnesses my lifestyle that theres alot of living that can be had even when your making sacrafices. I promote health and longevity on a daily basis so its only right that I practice what I preach!

Christian Duque: Where can folks go to keep in touch with you? Thanks for taking the time to speak to us.

Mark Olson: Thanks for having me! While theres a website in the works for now anyone can feel free to contact me on facebook, or email me at molson@genesishealthclubs.com