Saturday, March 3, 2012

Silver for the Winner!

Wolf's Curse

I like the fact that the judges have a sense of humor, but how is it that they can rob Dennis Wolf two years in a row. Branch Warren is a freak - there's no question - but where's the symmetry? He's not as bad as Mr. Refridgerator (Jay Cutler), but there's not much proportion to Warren. He's basically one giant block of muscle resting upon two great wheels. Dennis Wolf on the other hand, seems to be cursed by the judges. He's got their respect - and he's definitely got their attention - but there's just something about his look that's just not what they're looking for.

Keeping Up Appearances

Historically, the Olympia has been the place where the mass monsters rule supreme - and it was was always the Arnold, that gave the best looking (symmetrical and aesthetically-pleasing) bodybuilders the chance to get some much needed recognition. This theory resonated every time Branch would get the Most Muscular Award but lose the title to Dexter Jackson, Victor Martinez and most recently Kai Greene. But when you take runner-up at the Olympia (like Branch did in 2009 [a placing that was really Dexter Jackson's]), you can no longer go back to Columbus and get dogged. If Warren would have taken 2nd at the O, only to get robbed for 1st at the ASC in 2010 - that would only have reinforced his fluke runner-up placing at the 2009 Olympia. And it was a fluke - the guy was wedged between the defending Mr. O and the fmr. Mr. O - it was 1980 all over again.

Jay's Future

This win in Columbus will also force the political card for the Olympia. Jay was toppled in 2011 - earning (or perhaps being given) 2nd place to Phil Heath. Ronnie should have known going into 2006 he couldn't win with his injuries (but my guess is, he was banking on pulling a Dorian Yates 1997 Miracle sandow). Ronnie was given 2nd place to Cutler in 2006 - though arguably could have been placed lower. Ronnie didn't read between the lines (like a Lee Haney would have) and tried to come back in 2007 - taking 4th before retiring. Jay may also have difficulty taking notice -- room at the Top Inn may not have vacancy for him in Vegas. Jay cannot defeat Heath - it's not a question of conditioning - it's a question of genetics. Cutler & Warren are in the same boat, with their mass monster freak look - but Warren will be arriving in Vegas as the reigning (and 2x) Arnold champion. If the ASC really is 2nd only to the O and its champion plays second fiddle to the Olympia runner-up, that might lower the prestige and the weight of winning in Columbus. The ASC runner-up (Dennis Wolf) and 3rd Place phenom (Evan Centopani) will also be battling for the Top 5 at the O. Also, don't forget last years Olympia 3rd place winner Victor Martinez (who in all honesty defeated Cutler for the 2007 Olympia, and who is also genetically-superior to Cutler). I think this will be Jay's last Olympia. The Top Inn may not honor Cutler reservations anymore.


Wolf won this show, but politically speaking, Warren poses no threat to Heath - and he's a popular champion that will ensure ticket sales. The fans would love a Heath/Warren battle w/ a Cutler wildcard, but the only guy to win between those three - the Gift! Heath could hold Warren down for years to come, while Centopani & Wolf, Greene and Martinez, could battle for places 3rd and down in the Top 6. Warren's victory in Columbus let's him be wedged between Heath & Cutler in Vegas  - like he was used to wedge between Cutler & Jackson - only this time, Warren will claim his legitimate place between two Mr. Olympias - as the ASC Champion - the 2x ASC Champion. Can you anyone say, legitimacy? Warren's 2nd in 2009 was a joke, but today, it's only logical.

Wolf could beat Cutler, he could definitely beat Warren (in his sleep), and he could potentially beat Heath. But a German champion may not be what the powers that be want. They didn't want Wolf, they didn't want Gunter. The only German-speaking Mr. O was Arnold - damn skippy! LoL.

Talk about Wolf's hamstrings, Heath's narrow clavicles, Dexter's calves, rationalize it however you want using whatever canned argument you can piece together. Wolf won - and that's based on photos and some video I've seen. I'm sure in person, it was all the more blatant. Key thing is... the only guy more popular in bodybuilding than Branch Warren, is Jesus Christ. The guy is a fan favorite, a people's champion. He's the perfect fix to an IFBB without Ronnie or Jay. Congrats nonetheless, he's the champ!