Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amanda McDonald - Ready for Battle

Most people that are days away from a show, can be seen dragging their feet around, sporting the long, sucked-in faces, and whining to any and all that will listen. But not Amanda McDonald, a natural bodybuilder from Lansing, MI, that trains at Gym Bumz Fitness.

Just today, less than a week to contest-time, Amanda was leading an exercise class -- in the A.M. no less! This is a person that's so driven, she'll come to the gym at 5am to do her cardio; a person that routinly trains twice a day, keeping a strict diet, and helping others whenever she can.

To be a part of StrengthAddicts and/or to appear on our pages, you not only have to have the look, but you have to be accessible to the general public; you have to be willing to offer others a hand and/or acknowledge folks that take the time to say hello and/or give you a compliment.

Amanda is far more than just an accomplished bodybuilder. She's a mom, a firefighter, a friend to a great many people, a workout buddy, and much more. You can find her at Gym Bumz most regularly training with her workout partner John Nolan and/or with her lovely daughter and fellow workout girls. :)

We're all rooting for her, as well as for Jim, John, Liz C., and everyone else competing in the next couple of weeks in Detroit, Redford, and Boston.