Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Emotional Bullies

They're everywhere dear friends, people with big mouths that like to press others' buttons. Their goal isn't to physically fight nor is it to make amends in the future, rather, the goal is one of ongoing torment. Perhaphs some are unhappy with their own accomplishments, inadequacies they have trouble correcting. But the writing is on the wall -- the gym is a place where some build their physique and it's place where others congregate to collectively tears others down (either hovered like bitches in the peanut gallery or brazenly talkin shit to your face).

Imagine working sixteen weeks in your contest prep. You're tired and carb-depleted but you go on because you know you're close. Then some jerk comes by and knocks your physique, your color (tan), and/or takes a cheap shot at the amount of weight you're lifting. What would you do? Surely, you'd dream about decking the f*cker and knocking his sorry punk ass to the ground! Sadly, however, we live in a society kept in check by laws - ethics, if you will. You can't just walk up and junk-punch someone -- oh but how sweet it would be if they struck first, lol.

So what to do with emotional bullies? Is there a way to curb their fascination with this twisted pleasure? Are they closet homosexuals -- setting their sights on those they have feelings for? Homosexuality runs rampant in the gym -- I didn't create the news, I'm just reporting it. Why would one man be so fascinated by another to invent new ways to interact with that guy, with the only goal being to annoy that person?

Are all male-on-male bullies nothing more than frustrated polesmokers? Maybe, maybe not. The reality is that everyone has their price -- and everyone has their boiling point.

I reach my boiling point often. It's something I have to work on, but a big FUCK YOU to all you jerks out there that get you rocks off by doing you damnest to annoy other guys in the gym. Chance are ... you're just a little lipstick shy of being a princess.