Friday, June 3, 2011

Leg Day Should Be No Joke!

"So you like to train chest, eh? Got your cute little chains tied to the bar? Like flexin your pecs in the mirror -- bounce 'em up and down. Oh what's that? You like training arms too?? ...and what???... biceps only?? Not so much triceps, huh goofball? Well take step into my world, poser, and let's see you give it your all for the body's biggest, baddest, most dependable, tried and true muscle groups ::: LEGS & BACK!"

And if you're one of these CELEBRITY BODYBUILDERS that goes around the radio shows and/or puts out dvds asserting that you only need 45 minutes to train... go roll up that logic and smoke it at a Planet Fitness near you. (lol)

When we train legs -- we do:

Leg Presses
Front Squats
Hack Squats
Leg Extensions
Inner Thigh work

& we also like to hit calves
(we hit 'em w/ Quads and again w/Hams)

If you want to do all that work at 5 sets (8 reps each) in FORTY-FIVE minutes --- then it's your heart attack -- you can choose how & when you die. Spare me all that nonsense about Max-Ot and HIT and blah, blah, blah. What the hell else is goin outside the gym that you have to be in such an all fire hurry about?!

Take your friggin time, hydrate yourself, get full range of motion on each rep, and walk out of the gym calmly, satisfied!