Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On working out this evening...

I was swamped with research at the library today so working out in the morning (my usual) was just not possible. Lately, I've been training six days a week on, with one day off (same with my daily walking). Today was my off day from the long, and I was determined to get into the gym by 4pm. My plans was train hard and be out in an hour -- but who can train in an hour?

Epic Fail.

I got in around 4:20 (no pun intended), and shortly thereafter, entered several members of Lansing's elite physique world. And sure enough.. people wanted to know how they were feeling, what they were eating, it was as if I had gone from being in a gymrat-friendly establishment -- to church -- it was was really disturbing. It was like

Fan: How ya doin.
Celebrity: Good.
Fan: How ya been, how so and so [insert another star]. What's he eating? Is he resting? Did he take a dump today?

Ok... so I made that last part up, but really? People can be so lame sometimes.