Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shoulder Day: A Recap Worth Noting

I still remember it like it was yesterday... a certain coach/guru at a bodybuilding show in Flint, Michigan, told me that one thing I lacked was shoulder development -- granted at the time, I must have been weight 315lbs. I'm sure the shoulders were there -- somewhere!

Ever since, training deltoids (aka 'shoulders') has been a key component to my training. I mean, I always hit them, but in the sport of bodybuilding (whether you're competitor or a fan of the sport), it's those knocks that you keep with you. And while I'll usually include bi's with chest and/or tri's with back, I usually reserve a day exclusive for shoulders.

My strategy is to stimulate the front, middle rear delts -- but I also like to vary my approach (sometimes including traps with delts, sometimes including them with back -- it really depends on how my body's feeling). And like with any other muscle group, I try to do my heavy lifts first, though in recent time I've all but discontinued the riskier exercises (e.g. behind the neck presses and even seated dumbbell presses).

It's absolutely critical that people realize that one of the bodyparts most susceptible to injury are our shoulders. Other muscles, like calves & traps can take a beating, but unless you want surgery -- train smart!

Christian Duque's Shoulder Assault!
5 Sets / 8 Reps Db Raises @20lbs
5 Sets / 8 Reps Db Side Lateral @20lbs
5 Sets / 8 Reps Cable (Rear) 10lbs
5 Sets / 8 Rep Cable (front) @ 10lbs.

By simply incorporating 40-60% of your total workout into light-weight, controlled movements, you will ramp up your endurance, increase your definition, and perfect every aspect of range of motion. So many people in the gym heave massive amounts of weight with horrible Body English, terrible form, and seldom using the target muscle effictively.