Monday, May 30, 2011

Tornado Sirens

As of the last few days, I've been going out for 5mile walks in an attempt to get my cardio in, but at the same have a time during the day for self-reflection. During these walks there are no mp3 players, no textbooks, no internet; there's plenty of distractions, but these instances help to create an overall atmosphere which is what I'm after anyways.

If you live in Lansing, you know the weather the last few days has been cloudy and muggy, and on the last couple of walks (before yesterday), I'd get hit with an ocassional raindrop or two as I wound down the homestretch to my building's front door. However yesterday was a whole different story! By the half-way point the rain started, the wind grew more and more violent, and as puddles formed and my shoes became drenched, I could have sworn I was being pelted with sleet!

But while most people ran for cover I kept walking, I was determined that water wasn't going to keep me back. Then the sirens went off, and for a moment I thought I heard air raid sirens. Then the sirens went off again, I could see lightning before eyes, I heard loud thunder, and a third siren.

Oh well... as the lightning seemed to flash before my eyes, all I could think about was, I must finish this walk and I can't wait to eat.