Saturday, May 28, 2011

SAN Tight Extreme

Team SAN, sponsors of one of my favorite sites on the web --, sent me a couple t-shirts and some samples. Yesterday, I went out on a 4mile walk, with only one serving of their Tight Extreme fat-burner.

I experienced great energy response, which was sustained throughout the entire walk. By the time I climbed the first couple of steps to my building's doorway, my legs tingled a bit, and I felt as I could another mile or so. I kid you not!

What I liked most about this product, is that it only has 200mg of caffeine, so you know that a great time "r&d" (research and development) has gone into the perfect its accompanying proprietary blend. I am not opposed to stimulant-based fat burners, but I'm quick to commend companies that ensure thermogenic results through the use of berbs (e.g. cayenne).

This is by far a product I highly recommend you try!