Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Similar Physiques, Similarly Driven

Damon Rizzo, 24, and Donovan Leonard, 18, are two of the hardest working young lifters at Gym Bumz Fitness in Lansing, MI. Both are committed to making strategic strength goals, meanwhile reducing fat (no small feat by any means in the gym). Unlike many of their peers, they resist the "bulking" temptation.

The concept of "bulking" means a great many things, to a great many people. Some lifters live by the tenets of the "the clean bulk," suggesting that others will eat whatever/whenever simply to put on weight (regardless if this weight comes in the heightened fat levels).

With many irresponsible (and just downright greedy) supplement companies in the here long enough to profit category, more than happy to hype up high sugar, poorly fortified "gainers" on the market, it's a breath of fresh air to see young lifters taking the tougher road to gains!

Both Damon and Donovan have put on great size. They have done so gradually, and continue to make key improvements through a variety of different training methodologies.