Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sound Pectoral Development

I. Popularity

If you asked most guys in the gym which routine was there favorite -- the most likely reply you'd here would be 'chest & bi's.' And the reaons for the popularity of this breakdown are two-fold. Bodybuilding is a one-man sport, that at times may include trainers and nutritionists, but at most it's all about either a single athlete's trek -- or a small group of like-minded athletes known to one another as 'workout buddies [this is different than mere spotters, which serve a key but temporary purpose and can be complete strangers to the athlete in question].

Bodybuilding is a highly competitive sport -- there is no walking off the court, there is no off-season - at least not for the most driven, disciplined gymrats in the game. Everything you eat (whether it's protein-rich or dripping in hydogenated fats) will be analyzed by the gymrate. You may see him eating a half dozen donuts and chugging down a quart of full fat chocolate milk... but I guarantee you for the rest of that day and many more to come, he will beat himself up emotionally for it. With every bite he knows he's doing something wrong and while his tastebuds may be in bliss, emotionally he's in hell.

Competition is the name of the beast -- especially in a dog-eat-dog capitalist society, where everyone is wanting overnight success and instant gratification. Guys (for the most part) like girls and when we're dealing with testosterone, we're dealing with lust of the highest and most volatile degree. There is an undeniable lust in every bodybuilder for women to desire him and an almost insatiable hunger for women and all things associated.

And what are the things women like most about built guys? Women are drawn to Chest and Arms -- the bigger, the more cut, and the more aesthetic (they may not say this, but they're thinking it) -- the better! So shocker... men want to have what women want to see, hold onto, and show off to their friends. It may look mildly ridiculous -- score yourself ripped, vascular guns with rockhard pecs and get a flannel button down shirts (ala 90's bodybuilding style), only button the bottom buttons, and walk around the mall or a grocery store (or anywhere women usually go) and everytime you smile at a woman, the reaction you'll receive will make you feel like a walking god.

II. Strategy

Hitting the pecs, like most other muscles, involves strategy. You want to have exercises that address your strength and hopefully enhance your abilities, but you don't want to get trapped in the numbers game, either. You also want to have movements that will both define the muscle group, as well as add contours, striations, and lines that will surely get you the recognition on off days that will keep you from growing depressed at not being able to be in the gym working set after set with your buddies.

The key exercise for mass and strength would be (from the most important to basic)
1. Incline Bench Presss
2. Flat Bench Press
3. Incline Dumbbell Press
4. Flat Dumbbell Press
5. Decline Bench Press

Interestingly, the most important chest exercise for mass and strength in your chest region is working the top portion of the muscle, addressed by incline movements. In terms of difficuluty, the incline is King for overall power and presentation. The most commonly used litmus test for gym-abilities by the overweight, out-of-shape mainstream is the flat bench. Chest training, while largely motivated by our want of female attention, is also a key make-or-break point of conversation between Alpha-Males -- and let's face it.. even the scholarly, fine wine drinkin, golf playing, father's son, Church going and flag saluting goody two shoes wants to be an ALPHA MALE whether in his outward appearance only - or - altogether.

Ever gone to shake someone's hand and their grip is weak or G*d forbid there palms are sweaty or they seem scared of you? That's kind of the vibe you're sending when asked what your bench is and you give a low poundage. Alpha Males are meatheads, "jocks", respond a low weight and in Arnold's worse German-English accent... you'll hear him in your head saying..."What are you some kind of a girly man?" LOL