Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Forgotten Chest Exercises

There's little doubt that Chest Day ranks high on every gymrat's list of favorite bodyparts to train, but what's become of decline-bench, decline-presses, and decline-flyes? We've all heard the science promoting the incline portion of lifitng as promoting overall mass in the pec - and - everyone is already all-too-familiar with the flat bench and the variants associated with it. But what about the bottom of the pec?

The key to this exercise shouldn't be high poundages - especially since after incline and flat bench, most of you hardcore gymrats are probably finding yourselves with one foot in the grave anyways. I think that finess should the name of the game for addressing this portion of the pectorals.

I'm advocating three sets of 135lbs on decline bench press, with two warm-up sets of decline flyes at 8-reps with 20lbs. and 25lbs, followed by a working-set to failure with 20lbs., (minimum of 10 reps;  full contraction at the top of the movement and full control during the negative - not merely full range of motion).

Additionally, performing decline flyes on an ab bench isn't as limiting as you might think. You can add 45lb. plates to arch the bench to different degrees, as well. Always remember that bodybuilding principles while very scientific - are also couched in common sense. Hitting the pectorals - or any muscle for that matter - from a series of different angles - can only benefit your overall development!