Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Competitors Need A Reality Check

Interesting day of hardcore training -- and even more to write about! So as you may have heard, in our gym we have a few snobs that grace us with their presence. Today while doing deadlifts, observed by Brian, I was performing my max rep w/ 495lbs. I had the first rep pretty solid, when the Iron Duo passed by - they were literally a foot or less in front of me - as I held 495lbs in the air. Can you get over the arrogance of some people -- it's like me (a nobody in their eyes) has to stand there holding this monster weight while they walk by. They couldn't have waited -- far be it that they give me some fuckin space, I'm afterall not a competitor and not as cut as they are!

But I think my friend Brian put it best, "that was really stupid." Yes it was. What if I hadn't been able to perform a second rep or hold the weight in mid-air? What if I had had to set it down, what if my wrists gave up and I just dropped the bar? Who would have taken the brunt of the injuries -- who really knows? This is where what we call Gym Etiquette comes in.

Be weary of competitors and those aspiring to becomes ones. These people - the good ones at least; you know... the ones that actually win shows - they're usually pretty decent, but then you have these scrubs that think contest-prep is code (or license) to be complete jerks to the mainstream gym population. They choose to compete and they should act accordingly.

Their sacrifice and hard work is part of their journey to attain the fruits of victory. Lay people are doing their own thing and in many instances may be completely oblivious to comings and goings of competitive athletes. The way to bring more people into this sub-culture that is bodybuilding and fitness, the athletes must be the ambassadors of the sport and there's no better place to start than IN THE GYM!

I have nothing against natural competitors -- even the ones that look to defy the natural limitations of the human body and are breaking out with acne (must be the glutamine...), but when someone is doing deadlifts, kindly give pause, let the person finish his/her set, and THEN walk by -- especially when you're walking by within twelve inches. Get with the program Corky.

In other news, big kudos to Mike for some great shots/lifts, kudos to Jake for getting through the workout I put him through, big kudos to Brian for doing his cardio, and thanks to everyone for reading along on the blog!