Saturday, May 15, 2010

Force Factor


A new product is on the scene, flooding popular websites with a strong ad-campaign that's got many gymrats talking. But what's all the hype all about? I'd seen the ads so many times that I honestly didn't even recall the name of the product, not until my friend Jake Hawkins brought it to my attention. The supplement in question is Force Factor - yet another NO boosting, overpriced, mass-marketed arginine hybrid.

At the moment, I'm holding a little green bottle of Nature's Bounty L-Arginine (500mg/ 50 caps) that I got from Meijer last night. I paid $5.79 for this bottle and thanks to a special promotion, I received a second bottle for free. What's shocking is that the main agent (over 93%!!!) in Force Factor is: ARGININE.

But Christian, their dose is much higher! Good point. This is because Nature's Bounty caters to regular adults and Force Factor caters to bodybuilders; however, we're still talking about $5.79 L-Arginine. So if you want a triple or quadruple dose, the mathematician in me says the price should double or triple, not jump soar TWELVE TIMES.

You figure, Nature's Bounty is selling their product at $5.79 and it's understood that they're making a profit -- we live in a capitalist society afterall -- no one's advocating we get supplements for free (though that'd be kinda nifty, lol). So what the f*ck are we paying $69.99 for in Force Factor? Well let's see their nutrition label for more...

"Advanced 3X Nitric Oxide Booster"     3,000mg"
Arginine AKG ---->
Arginine KIC ---->
Arginine Monohydrate -->

"Advanced Nutrient Delivery System 200mg"

Not impressed w/ anything here except Citruline and the amount is trace.
AKG does deliver better uptake, superior delivery;
KIC discussed only in conjunction with AKG -- poorly documented on its own.
Arginine Monohydrate - this seems like either a made-up term or the scientific name (not used in any arena contemporarily) for straight up L-Arginine.

So maybe Nature's Bounty isn't exotic enough for you or maybe you want to save even more money and still get a quality NO Booster that even includes Arginine AKG. Is that possible? In America? Do I have to shoplift? NO WAY, lol!

Body Fortress' NO Pump gives you your 3,000mg bodybuilder-serving of Arginine, it includes, Arginine AKG, it's a great company, and it costs you $9.94 at Meijer or Walmart. It also comes in a nice bottle and well-marketed box. I mean what the fuck does the bottle or box-design matter anyways? You'd think not at all, but people nowadays can be swayed by the silliest things.

Boxes and bottles aside, even the most learned gymrat can be thrown under the bus with some of the over-the-top marketing campaigns that we see online, but whatever you may have been told and whatever you may assume.... weighttraining/bodybuilding/powerlifting are blue collar sports. Whether you drove to the gym in an Audi or a Yugo, once inside it's all about the weight you move, the bonds formed through training, and everything else doesn't amount to jack shit. Oh yeah, and we don't like getting ripped off either lol