Sunday, May 9, 2010

Annoying Romance, PDA @ the Gym!

You know... I can put up with just about anything during my workouts; I've been at dingy gyms (Gainesville Gym), I've been at high-end gyms (Gainesville Health & Fitness, Bally's at the Waterways), I've been at overpriced gyms (L.A. Fitness - North Miami Beach), and I've even been at gyms where the owner(s) is a real jerk (Lansing's New Life Fitness)... but one factor in the gym I just can't over: annoying couple.

I've actually stood back and just watched... when the guy leaves, I've seen male friends of mine merely greet the female half of the Iron Couple.. and within second the male-half rushes to the scene, as if to mark his territory ... the insecurity is blatant. And the scenario is equally disturbing when the female withdraws to touch-up her makeup and maybe to ... I don't know... work out?

Worse yet, some of these couples will kiss each other between sets... I mean is that really necessary? I have always believed that couples that engage in Pda's (public displays of affection) are probably very incompatible and miserable w/ each other -- but I digress.

There should be a gym for couples.. better yet... an island. LOL