Thursday, July 21, 2011

NPC Superstar, Larry Neri, Speaks!

Hello my name is Larry Neri. I am originally from Lacey WA, but live in Federal Way. The way i got into bodybuilding is kind of a funny story which hopefully i get the chance to share with you guys soon. I have been competing for about 3yrs. Earlier this year i placed 3rd in the Emerald Cup as a lightheavy, and just recently placed 1st in The Oregon States July9th as a lightheavy while narrowly losing the overall to the superheavy by ONE point.. Recently there was a discussion held on forum where people got to vote on whom they thought should've won the overall, me or the super. Apparantly my back, hams/glutes were a hit.;-) I've been asked to list excerises that i use, etc.

First let's talk back... For me its DEADS DEADS DEADS! I usually do full deadlifts from the floor but will do rack pulls on occasion as well. I also have my steady diet of rows as well. I usually opt for the barbell row or dumbell rows. I also do a variety of pulldowns and pulldowns behind the neck which lot's of trainers have tossed out of their programs because they feel its hard on the shoulders.. it feels fine on mine so i do them regularly.. I also believe in using more freeweights for the back as well..

Next my glutes/hams... for my hams I usually will do lying leg curls or a single leg curl. also I find that putting your feet together and higher on the leg press hits the hams and the tie-in as well..  I also do straight leg deadlifts, usually with a barbell as the dumbell version seems to do a number on my low back for some reason..  I think for me a lot of my devlepment is also a result of doing my hams on a separate day from quads..  I found that after all the squats, presses, xtensions, hacks, etc. you do for quads I was toast and never gave them enough intensity. once i did them on there own day i was able to really get after it and I made some great gains...luckily, due to my conditioning drying out my glute/hams before a show hasn't been a problem.
I hope that helps everyone that needs help in those areas.. well before i go i just wanted to let you guys know what's up next for me.. this Saturday i will be competing in the WA State Championships. I also plan on getting on the national stage soon so keep an eye out for me.. Lastly, I just wanted to thank Christian Duque for giving me this opportunity to blog on his site.. Also big thanks to rxmuscle and forums and everyone that commented on the the thread and voted for me...