Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Religion, Politics, & Weightraining.

Just moments ago someone, it's not important whom, emailed me pertaining to another blog I run. They were concerned about the fact I was highly critical of Israel. What does that have to do with StrengthAddicts? - nothing.

We're all individuals here. Justus politically may be the polar opposite of Sarb and Andy might like love what Adel hates, but we're all here for the sports of bodybuilding and powerlifting and maybe throw in nutrition and friendship into the mix, for good measure.

No one is going to get outted or marginalized for wanting out upon learning that one of us has views contrary to his own, but in all candor, all this outfit is about is training and training hard.

We're all different and no matter what you do outside the gym, who you hang out with, who you voted for president, and/or if you like to go pray at night or put dollar bills in stripper's garter belts, I could care less. This page is about our love of our sport and friendships that will blossom from it - nothing more.

I appreciate tonight's email, because it gave me the inspiration to write this post.

Please check out the latest additions to our crew: Adel (pictured above) & Matt. Also kudos to Justus for two great sets of straight-bar bicep-curls today & to Matt for a set of excellent squats, spotted by Andy.

Lift Right!