Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Books Closing Soon....

The Strength Addicts are growing everyday, but soon the books will close. Our goal is to reach "50" brothers in iron and then evaluate which members plan on being active with the site and which just want their videos & photos to sit here collecting cyber-dust.

Once we hit the magic number, no more cards will be distributed and the trials begin. I'll want diet journals, more vids, blog entries, and/or articles from all you -- you pick which. We'll eventually also create a message board.

Right now, the strength meet for April/May is looking difficult, but there will be such an even in 2009, with all proceeds going directy to charity -- rest assured of that. However, we have a lot more growing to do before we can embark on our first event.

I would also like to see the introduction of a Nautillus Hack Squat machine. Other members of the family would like to see heavier training balls for abs - right the facility only has a 10lb one.

What we all need to really try and convey to management is that our ----s family-oriented vibe will not be threatened by a few heavier weights. We are not looking to transform the health center into a hardcore gym, but as our numbers grow and we look at one another, it's becoming painfully obvious that we're all paying expensive dues and that we're allowing ourselves to be neglected.

No one is paying us to workout at the ------ and our dues are not even competitive with what some folks are paying at more accomodating gyms/fitness centers around town. I am not advocating that we ever leave the YMCA - why should we? There should be a consensus from management to work for all members - equally.

So let's keep working out, making this group stronger (stronger always over bigger) and when the time comes, we'll act united.

Lift Right!