Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rich Piana Loves His Fans!!

The world of competitive bodybuilding is always in need of role models, guys that live the life and give back to the fans. There's so much arrogance in a sport that so desperately wants to be accepted by the mainstream. Even at the Arnold Classic Expo, I said "good job" to some of the amateur bodybuilders walking through the forum post-show; some had done very well, but none said thank you, none smiled, few even acknowledged us. You can't walk around with a shit-face and think you're God - the fans won't respond to that. Fans are loyal, but only to a point.

One guy that knows how to treat the fans right, is NPC Mr. California RICH PIANA. The Mutant Booth was jam packed full of people. What it lacked in size, it made up for with fan interest. It's the same with their products - they don't need exotically designed tins or outlandish claims - they make a solid product and have a solid roster of champion athletes.

I know of Rich through his work with Ric Drasin, host of Ric's Corner on youtube. The two have collaborated on several episodes, leaving the fans hungry for more.

Rich is also an accomplished actor, fighter, and bodybuilder (now retired). He also launched his own clothing line "1 Day U May."