Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great Leg Workout

Back to basics for the the Giant and the Hawk on a typical leg day (Tuesday). We got started with squats:
Set #1: Naked Bar 8-Reps
Set #2: 135lbs 8-Reps
Set #3: 225lbs 8-Reps
Set #4: 315 8-Reps
Set #5: 365lbs 5:6-Reps
Set #6 405lbs 2-Reps
Set #7 135lbs 8-Reps
The routine included five sets of Front Squats, Hack Squats, Lunges, Leg Presses, and Leg Extensions.

All in all, we trained for about 90 minutes with almost no breaks. The intensity was great, and blasted through another great leg day (a favorite of ours during the six months we've been training together).

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