Thursday, November 13, 2008

Updates I.

Sadly I missed the Downtown YMCA Meet, but sure enough I sense a rivalry is brewing between Josh (Westside YMCA) & Thomas (Downtowwn-YMCA). From what I understand, Thomas won his class with a high lift of 300lbs, with Josh taking second at 275lbs. Between the two, Thomas (rumor has it) wanted to put up 315lbs, meanwhile Josh claims Thomas outweighs him by 9lbs. It sure would be interesting to see what Josh could do at his home gym, as well as if Thomas would be able to nail 315 or more.
YouTube Scouting Begins

I'll be scouting for powerlifters, bodybuilders, amateur nutrition-minds, endurance athletes, and gym observers (10 per category) to join the family. Each person that's "tapped" will receive a special message explaining the site and its objectives. Each tapped member will have the right to pass that along - to only 1 fellow athlete, of equal or greater potential, of their choice.

Q&A's, Info-Articles, Video, T-Shirts, & Sponsorship

More info to come.